MacBook Pro 2016 Speculation.

When will Apple release a new Mac Pro? And what new features, specs and design changes should we expect when Apple updates the Mac Pro line for 2016? Is there any chance Apple will discontinue the Mac Pro instead of updating it?

Apple's Mac Pro line-up could do with an update. The current Mac Pro model was announced at WWDC in June 2013 (although it took another six months before Apple started selling it) and, for a top-of-the range system, the Mac Pro is looking pretty long in the tooth. But when will Apple announce a new Mac Pro? And what hardware improvements, design changes, tech specs and new features will we see in the new Mac Pro for 2016? (Or 2017, or...)
There's some good news for expectant Mac Pro fans: code in Mac OS X El Capitan hints that a new Mac Pro (one with 10 USB 3 ports) could arrive soon. But nothing is certain at this point, and some pundits believe the Mac Pro should simply be discontinued. A MacObserver story, in fact, argues that it's been a flop. It might just be time for Apple to go back to the drawing board.
Whatever the future holds for the Mac Pro, in this article we will be looking at all the rumours surrounding the next update of the Mac Pro line: the new Mac Pro's UK release date and pricing, its expected design, and the new features and specs we hope to see in the next version of the Mac Pro. We'll keep you up to date with recent Mac Pro speculation, and use our experience of Apple's history and recent product launches to analyze their credibility. Come back regularly for the latest Mac Pro rumours.
Updated, 5 September 2016, to talk about whether the Mac Pro will get an update at the 7 September iPhone 7 launch event
* Vocab:
- top-of-the-range (adj): something which is the most expensive or outstanding product in a group.
e.g.: He has just bought a top-of-the-range iMac.
- long in the tooth (idiom): quite old.
e.g.: she is quite long in the tooth with that scarf around her neck.

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