Section 1: Introduction to the Course.

Section 2: 4 Question Types:

Section 2: Modal Answer:

Section 2: Planning:

Section 2: Time Management:

Section 2: Common Misconceptions:

Section 3: "Flow" in Writing:

Section 3: Introduction Writing:

Section 3: Body Writing:

Section 3: Conclusion Writing: 

Section 4: Finding Ideas:

Section 4: Building Up Ideas:

Section 4: Creating and Maintaining a Position:
Section 4: Ending up the Overgeneralization:
Section 5: Topic-related Vocab:
Section 5: Collocations:
Section 5: Word Formation:

Section 5: Paraphrasing:
Section 6: Simple Sentences:
Section 6: Complex Sentences:
Section 6: Punctuation:
Section 6: Conditional Sentences:
Section 6: Relative Clauses:
Section 6: Checking the Essay:
Section 7: Model Answer 01:
 Section 7: Model Answer 02:
Section 7: Secrets to Success:
Section 7: Effective Study Time:
Section 7: Getting Guidance

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