DJI’s next drone might be foldable

DJI is reportedly working on a new quadcopter called the Mavic that’ll fold up for easy transport. Heliguy reports that photos of the drone leaked this past week along with some specs. The drone will supposedly come with a 4K camera and two-axis gimbal, up to 300 meter Wi-Fi, a 3,830mAh battery, and an LCD display that runs Android. It’ll also reportedly weigh 1.43 pounds, which would make it DJI’s lightest drone. 

Following the image leak, DJI sent out an invitation to reporters for a media event in New York City on September 27th. Pocket-lint writes that the invite asks attendees to find "adventure at [their] fingertips" and to "rediscover adventure with DJI." Soo maybe it’ll only be 21 days until we see the Mavic.
We’re also expecting GoPro to unveil its first drone this month. Images of the Karma leaked earlier this week with details on other accessories. Drone season is on its way, y’all.
* Vocab:
- quadcopter = quadrotor /ˈkwɒdrəʊtə/: a device with 4 rotors.
- fold up: can be folded to make it easy to transport.
- gimbal (n) /ˈdʒɪmb(ə)l/: a ring on an axis to allow an object to move or tilt freely in any direction.
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