Rescuing a neglected dog.

Last December, a woman took a neglected dog from a property in rural Washington, hoping to liberate an old Blue Heeler from the years he spent tethered up outside in the elements. Then that same woman faced criminal charges for her actions. But was it a rescue or was it pet theft?
Okanogan County, Washington resident Judy Camp was surfing the web when she came across a post on an Internet message board about a neglected dog in her neck of the woods. The message described an old Heeler who lived his life chained up day in and day out outside of the Magruder family’s rural home near the Methow River.
“Dogs spent most of the time on top of their dog houses barking,” the Magruders’ neighbor, who authored the message board posting, wrote, describing the conditions canines have to endure at the Margruders’ home. “Drove me nuts. Thought it very cruel.”
The neighbor was particularly disturbed about the old Heeler’s quality of life on the end of a 4-foot chain, shivering in the cold. When the neighbor confronted the head of the family, Orvil Magruder, about the dog, whom the Magruders called “Duke,” Orvil responded that the dog was a guard dog and that’s how the dog should be treated.
Multiple calls and complaints to the local police yielded no results because the dog had all of the minimum standards of care requirements — food, water, and shelter. No matter how meager all of these requirements were, the police could not charge the Magruders with animal cruelty.
Frustrated, the Magruders’ neighbor took to the web, hoping to find some way to help the poor old dog.
That’s when Judy Camp came along. One December evening, not content to simply sit on the sidelines as the mercury dipped below zero, Camp decided to take matters into her own hands. She drove out to the Magruders’ property to get a look at the dog’s living conditions herself, and what she found shook her to the core.
“He was tied out there in a sea of garbage,” Camp remembers.
Camp couldn’t imagine leaving the old dog out there to freeze overnight, so she made a quick decision and brought him home with her. She decided to call the dog Tank.
* Vocab:
- tether (v) /ˈteðə/: tie a dog or an animal to something.
- at the end of one's tether (idiom): not patient anymore.
e.g.: She is at the end of her tether after having waited for her hubby's letter.
- element (n): a suitable environment for animals.
e.g: Bamboo forests are the panda's element.
-  day in and day out (idiom) (negative): around-the-clock, all the time.
e.g.: he keeps sticks his eyes on to his iPad day in, day out.
- drive someones nuts (idiom) = drive someone crazy.
- shiver in the cold (exp)  /ˈʃɪvə/: one's body suddenly shakes due to coldness or fright.
- confront somebody (v) /kənˈfrʌnt/: would like to face somebody to talk about something directly.
- sit on the sidelines (Idiom): not involved in something and just standing out to watch it.
e.g.: Most of pedestrians allegedly sat on the sideline when they witnessed a traffic accident.
- take matters into one's hands (idiom): do it on one's own, not relying on someone else.
e.g.: Sally witnessed a tragic accident on the street, so she quickly took matters into her hand by calling the ambulance and then hospitalizing some victims.
- shake somebody to the core (idiom): something causes you completely feel pity, or mercy touches your heart.

e.g.: what some kids have been venturing out there for pedestrian's mercy shakes her to the core..
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