The homeless boy turns into an advocate of child sex abuse.

we should take a pride in him - the Greatest boy.

He’s formerly homeless. Now he makes soaps and donates to charity. And he’s 13.
Donovan Smith knows what it’s like to be in need: He lived in a New Mexico homeless shelter after his single mother lost her job and their apartment.
For six months, the Henderson House in Albuquerque, N.M., was his home.
That was about five years ago.
Today, Donovan has his own business — an online shop that sells artisanal bath soaps he made himself using aloe vera and goat’s milk. He’s donated hundreds of dollars of his earnings to a nonprofit that helped him and his mother when they were homeless. He’s also given thousands of soaps to organizations that help people in need.
Most recently, Donovan emerged as an advocate for child abuse victims: Two weeks ago, he posted a video on social media urging kids to open up if they’re being abused.
Inspired by the horrific death of a young girl that rocked Albuquerque, the video made headlines across New Mexico.
He’s received awards — not to mention letters from President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, who praised him for his charitable work.
“I hope you take pride in all you have accomplished,” the president wrote. “By putting your best effort into everything you do and working around a common purpose, you can help shape the world we share and lift up the lives of others. Young people like you are tomorrow’s leaders, and you give me great hope for the future.”
* Vocabulary:
- formerly (adv): previously, in former times, earlier times.
e.g.: - she is a former President of the Greatest country in the world.
        - he formerly begged for money, but he is now a millionaire.
-  artisanal bath soaps /ɑːˈtɪzən(ə)l/: bath soaps are conventionally made by hands.
- emerge as an advocate for/of something (v): be known as supporter for something.
e.g.: Simone de Beauvoir emerged as an advocate for founding feminist movement.

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