Phrasal Verbs Dictionary. (Being Updated everyday)

- abide by /əˈbʌɪd/ = comply with something (v): follow or accept a rule and obey it.
e.g.: we are supposed to abide by rules of the hotel.
- abound in or with something (v) /əˈbaʊnd/: have a lot of something.
e.g.: the north forest abounds with different types of butterflies.
-abstain from something (v) /əbˈsteɪn/: something that you enjoyed before is considered bad or morally wrong now.
e.g.: we should abstain from the roasted duck due to its high cholesterol.
-ache for /eɪk/ = long for something (v): desire to do something.
e.g.: we are aching to get to his hometown. John longed for his spouse to cook him a meaningful meal.
- act for somebody (v): do something on behalf of someone else.
e.g.: you are too young to rep your company to hold a meeting, so do you have someone acting for you? 
- act on something (v): do something that you are told.
e.g.: why did you crayon every thing in the house? - i just acted on my teacher's instructions.
- act up (v): behave in an annoying way, or (machine) no working.
e.g.: My motorbike keeps acting up all the time.
- admit to + V-ing (v): admit that you have done something illegal or wrong.
e.g.: That lady has admitted to stealing her mom's wallet. Poor her mom!
- own up to something (v): a person in charge of something wrong
e.g.: Who has sprayed paint on my desk? I am quite ticked off and looking for someone own up to it.
- agree to something (v): accept or say yes to something that someone has offered.
e.g.: I wonder if she agrees to my proposal.
- agree with someone on/about something (v): have the same opinion as someone else.
e.g.: I totally agreed with him about his offer to Mary yesterday.
- consent to something (v) /kənˈsɛnt/: give someone the right to do something or agree to something after you allow him or her to do so.

e.g.: Most of parents consent to their children's part-time job in some cafes.

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