ESLPOD 13N: Having Dinner at a Restaurant.

* Vocab:
- to die for (idiom) (food): the food is so excellent.
e.g.: those crackers are to die for.
- vibe (n) (used for clubs, restaurant) /vʌɪb/: the atmosphere of a place, (plural) a person's emotional state.
e.g.: - the vibe of the restaurant is quite laid-back.
        - i have the bad vibes on that restaurant. (i do not like it).
- laid-back (adj): in a relaxed manner.
e.g.: she has not done a strike of work; she's just laid-back.
- uptight (adj): worried or anxious about what's happening.
- ritzy (adj) (used for restaurants or hotels): expensive but stylish.
- snooty (adj) (neg): do not want to socialize with anyone which are thought to be unequal to, cocky.
- gobble down (v): eat something too quickly.
e.g.: he was starved, so he gobbled down 4 bowls of steamed rice.
- split the bill (v): pay a half with your partner.
e.g.: she's going to split the bill with him but he refused.

- go Dutch (idiom): pay for what you have eaten.

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