ESLPOD 47N: A Trip to New York.

* Vocabulary:

- a tourist spot (n): a place to have a tour to.
- whirlwind (adj) /ˈwəːl.wɪnd/: something that takes place quickly and fast.
e.g.: - it is a whirlwind tour. 
        - They've fallen in love for 2 months, then they decide to tie the knot- it is a whirlwind romance.
- low-key (adj): calm and not easily interested in something, boring and quiet.
e.g.: she went to her boyfriend's party last night, but it was a low key one.
- stay over somewhere (v): to sleep at someone's house for one night.
e.g: she asks me if she could stay over my house in case she goes home late from the party.
- drive straight thru (exp): not stop on the way.
e.g.: the driver is heading for Nha Trang city, but he does drive through in one day.
- a layover = stopover (n) /ˈleɪ.əʊvə/: a short stay during a plane journey. 
e.g.: she had a 2-hour layover in Singapore to head for Switzerland. 
- direct flight (n): no layovers.
- rest up = to rest (v)
e.g.: she needs to rest up after the long journey.
- catch up on one's sleep (v): to get back for some sleep that you missed some days ago.
e.g.: after pulling an all-nigher for university final exam,  John needs to catch up on his sleep.
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