ESLPOD 81N: Flight Announcements.

* Vocabulary:
-safety announcement (n): Announcement from the captain about the safety procedures.

-  aft (adj) (adv) /ɑːft/: in the back of something.
e.g.: the aft cargo compartment could be reached at noon.
- secure something to something else (exp): fix something to something else.
 e.g.: We need to secure this bookshelf to the wall.
- an elastic band /ɪˈlastɪk/ = a rubber band: a ring of rubber used to tie something or hold things together.
- flotation device (n) /fləʊˈteɪʃ(ə)n/: a device keeps us above the water.
- seat pocket (n): a place used to store magazines or nylons in the back of the seat.
- tamper with something (v) /ˈtampə/: do something that can make the machine unable to work properly, or spoil the machine.
e.g.: Most of hackers are trying to temper with ATM system.
- comply(v): follow someone's order, act on someone's instruction.
==> Compliance (n) /kəmˈplʌɪəns/: an act that you follow one's instruction.
e.g.: we appreciate your complying with our instruction.
- placard (n) /ˈplakɑːd/: a sign.
- be in the off position (v): should be turned off.
- stow something (v) /stəʊ/: keep or store something in a safe place.
e.g.: you can stow your laptop in that compartment.
- carry-on luggage (n): luggage you carry with you on board.

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