Does Acetaminophen Ring a Bell to You?


Odds are that that you’ve used an acetaminophen product at some point in your life. Acetaminophen is one of the most widely used pain and fever relievers around the world. If “acetaminophen” isn’t ringing any bells, you may be more familiar with the names of the over-the-counter drugs in which it’s found: Tylenol, NyQuil, and Sinutab just to name a few. Indeed, they’re among the most popular drugs available. Doctors and pharmacists often recommend them to treat minor aches and pains stemming from headaches, toothaches, infections, colds, sprains, and cramps. But too much of it can cause serious damage to your liver. 
Health Canada has recently created new labeling rules for acetaminophen but doctors still don’t think it’s enough. “It is the most common cause of liver injury. Period. Full stop,” explained Dr. Michael Rieder.  While acetaminophen is safe if used properly, the challenge is that it is found in hundreds of over-the-counter products and people don’t even realize it. Accordingly, some people are taking more acetaminophen than they realize and end up in the hospital due to accidental overdose. The result? Liver failure.

* Vocabulary:
- do something at some point in your life (exp): do something or take something at a certain period of time in one's life.
e.g.: I think Man has got a recurring dream at some point in their lives.
-  reliever (n) /rɪˈliːvə/: a kind of medication used to relieve pain or worry.
- ring a bell (idiom): something sounds similar
e.g.:- Getting a pink slip and getting sacked ring a bell to her.
       - His name rings a bell to my father but he can not remember when he met that man.
- accidentally /ˌæk.sɪˈ = by chance. 
e.g.: She gets that job she's ever dreamed of by chance.
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