How to Stop a Drunkard.

It’s important to remember that law enforcement officers put their lives on the line each and every day to protect citizens in their community. There are a lot of stories in the news these days of police officers mishandling difficult situations, sometimes with dire consequences. Those stories deserve attention, but it’s equally as important to remember that there are officers on the front line, putting their own lives in grave danger so that we can be just a little bit safer. These officers act as positive role models in their communities, reduce criminal activity, and act as first responders in emergency situations and even natural disasters.

One officer that takes his job protecting his community very seriously is State Trooper First Class Roy Moomey of Arkansas. When a report came in that a drunk driver was traveling down the interstate at a high rate of speed and in the wrong direction, he made a choice that would most like end his own life, but would save the lives of other civilians on the highway.
* Vocabulary:
- law enforcement officer: a person has the right to punish people who violate the rules or social norms.
- put one's life on the line (exp): risk one's life to achieve something.
e.g.: She could have put her life on the line when climbing up that mountain to pick up some herbs for her mom.
deserve attention from someone (exp): be worth being noticed.
e.g.: What that dalmatian has helped his owner out of fire deserves public attention.
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