Life Quotes

  • “Loud splashes are from the brooks but the depth of ocean is calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

A Rude Driver.

I have a confession. I’m a terrible driver. You know that person in front of you when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, the one that makes you late? The one that drives slower than the speed limit and appears to have absolutely no clue where they’re going? Yeah, that’s me. Let me just apologize to you on behalf of all of the other terrible drivers that did something stupid or made you late for that important appointment. I’m also that person that can’t park. It’s an incredibly unfortunate situation if I have to parallel park. If you’re stuck behind me while I attempt the impossible maneuver, you’ll get to watch me block an entire line of traffic as I go forward and back, trying to fit my car into that spot. Half of the time I end up giving up and just leaving the spot altogether. In a parking lot, I try to park as far away from other cars as possible, and it takes me at least three tries to get it between the lines.
But, here’s the thing, I may be a bad driver, and I may drive you completely nuts with my ineptitude, but I’m not purposely rude. In fact, I go out of my way to try not to inconvenience other drivers. The guy driving this silver SUV, not so much.
This driver has just stopped for his morning coffee, and rather than park in the parking lot, he blocks the drive to the parking lot, because he’ll be “just a minute”. In that very long minute, no one else can access the parking lot, including patrons of the church it actually belongs to and handicapped and emergency vehicles. It’s potentially dangerous and obviously just plain rude. But, a neighbor has a clever solution and devises a plan to teach this guy a lesson. Here’s the best part: he is not confrontational and there is no yelling or fighting. He calmly makes his point, and because of this, the driver is able to understand his mistake. Good job!

* Vocabulary:
- confession (n) /kənˈfeʃ(ə)n/: an act of teeing someone that you have done something wrong.
e.g.: Mary confessed to her mom that she had cheated on the test.
- perform a maneuver (exp) /məˈnuːvə/: do something that requires care or skill.
e.g.: He had performed some amazing maneuvers by flipping some spoons into the cup on his head.
- confrontational (adj) /ˌkɒnfrənˈteɪʃən(ə)l/: dealing with something in an aggressive way.
e.g.: My monitor is a sort of confrontational person toward the others , who do not act on her instructions.
- ineptitude = inept (adj) /ɪˈneptɪtjuːd/: not skilled, quite clumsy.
e.g.: - I am inept at swimming.

       - Her rep got blamed on being inapt handling the last week's situation.

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