A Serviceman Intensely Embracing His Angel.

Life is full of ups and downs. We continuously have to work together and sometimes make compromises and sacrifices in order to live our best possible life. Which is why so many men and women serve their country. They have a sense of pride and belonging and believe that together – anything is possible.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that many service men and women have to leave their families for long periods of time in order to fight for their country. And it goes without saying that when they’re reunited with the ones they love, it’s one of the most magical moments anyone could ever imagine.
Now take those strong emotions of seeing someone you absolutely love after a few months or years…. and double it. Heck, triple it. Because this military wife and mother had some magnificent news for her husband who just returned home from the Ronald Reagan.
In the video below, you’ll see a mother and her child waiting patiently for their soldier. As he approaches towards them, they are all overjoyed and begin hugging intensely. The plot twist however, is the little boy’s shirt. On it, it announces the fact that he is going to be an older brother. When the wife asks her husband if he likes the shirt, he reads it and is filled with amazing and tear-jerking emotions.
And while the news is absolutely amazing, it’ll give you goosebumps to know that the parents in the video had previously experienced losing their child at only 9 weeks in October 2014 and that they had been trying to conceive ever since. The mother however had kept the news a secret for two weeks, in hope of surprising her husband in-person. Did she pull it off? Yes, she most definitely did.
If you’ve been touched by this video or feel that you can relate in someway, share it with your family and friends because it sincerely highlights the power that love has. Regardless of circumstances, there is always a reason to smile, love and be loved.

Source: Military mom has shocking surprise for husband returning home by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble

* Vocab:
- take away from the fact that: alter the fact that, change the fact that...
e.g.: it does not take away from the fact that honesty always deserves the utmost respect.
- Heck (excl.): used to show you are annoyed or surprised.
- magnificent (adj) /maɡˈnɪfɪs(ə)nt/: extremely impressive.
==> magnificence (n).
- the plot twist (n): a sudden change of an event or a situation.
e.g.: Zhuang was a hero at the beginning of the movie; however, the plot twist was when his wife was killed and he became an assassin 
- tear-jerking (adj) /ˈtɪə.dʒəːkɪŋ/: weepy, so sad as a film that makes you sad or even makes you cry.
- give somebody goosebumps (v) /ˈɡuːsbʌmps/: something that makes your skin raise spots because you are scared or excited.
-conceive (v) /kənˈsiːv/: become pregnant with a child, form an idea in one's mind or imagine something.
e.g.: She conceived her second daughter when she was a sophomore of a prestigious university.

- Word Usage: Intense / Intensive

a. Intense (adj): very strong or great, serious or strong feelings about which you are thinking.
e.g.: - She had an intense pain in her chest.
        - Tom had an intense look while he was on phone with his professor so you'd better not disturb him.

b.  Intensive (adj): having done something thoroughly or in a great care.
e.g.: - This is an intensive course for C++ Object Programming.
        - She was hospitalized for an intensive care after she had fallen to the ground from the tree.
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