Life Quotes

  • “Loud splashes are from the brooks but the depth of ocean is calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

A 90-year-old Lady performing a Miraculous Skating Skill.

When you’re a child, everyone seems old—even those who are in their mid-20s! But as you grow older you realise that time really does go by so fast and soon, you are that adult in your mid 20s!

You also come to realise that human beings have immense potential and that the sky is the limit.  It’s also true that us humans have the amazing ability to live for an outstanding amount of years and that people who are older than us still have the power to do wonderful and inspiring things, regardless of their age. And this woman is a testament thereof.
This lady is 90 years young and she still has an immense amount of spring in her step. Does she walk slowly, go to bed early, stay at home and watch TV or do any of the other things young people believe older people do? Not at all. In fact, she’s a pro ice skater and her moves will take your breath away.
Her name is Yvonne and she has an elegant style of skating that combines her passion for classical music and dance. Her moves are smooth, effortless and beautiful and she has the ability to wow any crowd.
At the end of her performance, you will see her big and bright smile as the DJ thanks her for her stunning performance. The crowd claps delightfully and everyone is utterly impressed with her strong ice skating abilities.
Do you have a passion for ice skating? Perhaps you love a different kind of art such as music, dance or photography? Let this video be a reminder to never give up on your dreams and hobbies because you’ve still got a whole lot of good years left! Good job Yvonne.

* Vocab:
- regardless of /rɪˈɡɑːdləs/ = irrespective of, without regard for
e.g.: Mary was nominated as a monitor in class by her teacher, irrespective of some strong objections from her classmates
- take one’s breath away (v): cause someone to lose their breath due to a shock, surprise or grandeur.
e.g.: My girlfriend in a pink dress looked so elegant tonight that she almost took my breath away.
-effortless (adj) /ˈe.fət.lɪs/: doing something in a way without much effort even though it seems difficult to someone else.
e.g.: The greatest magician, David, effortlessly walked through the Great Wall in China.
-wow somebody with something (v): to impress somebody with one’s performance
e.g.: Needless to say, Mary wowed everyone in the hall with her audit
- utterly (adv) /ˈʌ tə li/: totally, completely

·      Word Usage:
a.     Limit / limitation:
-       Limit: a point or a margin that can not go further
e.g.: - Keep stretching your left arm to the limit. (you keep doing until your arm feels painful).
        - We should set an age limit to this movie.
         - There’s no limit to his embroideries in oral test.

-       Limitation: an act that you limit or restrict one’s control or a limit on what something or somebody can’t do more than they can.
e.g.: - Windows 10 professional version, the latest OS from Microsoft, is of its limitations on how to accommodate users with its Cortana.
         - Most of students from vocational schools have their limitations on how to assemble and disassemble the latest engines.

b.     Thereof: = therefrom: of the thing mentioned, or something that is mentioned before.
     e.g.: What my teacher had explained the problem and solution thereof seemed to go beyond my understanding because I could realize my limitations.

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