Life Quotes

  • “Loud splashes are from the brooks but the depth of ocean is calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

ESLPOD 10: Taking out the Trash.

* Vocabulary:
 - to chill out /tʃɪl/: to relax, or stop feeling angry or nervous about something.
e.g.: They would chill out on the beach nearby after their mom had shouted at them.

 - newscast /ˈnjuːzkɑːst/: a news program on television or radio
=> Newscaster = TV news anchor, TV newsreader, TV News Presenter
e.g.: Paul Moyer has been a famous TV newscaster for over 30 years. 

 - to sort through: to put objects in order.
e.g.: Most of students in Mary's class have made helpful comments on how to open a party for Teacher's Day, but she has finally sorted them through and selected the best one.

 - flyer /ˈflʌɪə/: a piece of paper that advertises an event or product.

 - Take a flyer (idiom): take a chance. 

 - stoop /stuːp/: porch and stairs; the area in front of a home’s front door

 - to thumb through /θʌm/: to quickly turn the pages of a book, magazine, or newspaper
e.g.: she has been thumbing through her phone book for several hours to see who she's about to invite for her birthday.

 - trash day /traʃ/: a regular day of the week when trucks come to collect garbage from houses on a street

 - trash container /kənˈteɪnə/: a tall, plastic container for storing garbage, often on wheels
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