ESLPOD 59N: Getting Along With Other People.

* Vocabulary:

- does it sound ok with somebody? (exp.)
- be preoccupied /priːˈɒ.kjʊ.pʌɪd(v): be worried about something
e.g.: you look preoccupied today, right?
- put somebody down (exp.): insult somebody.
e.g.: My grandma has really put me down by flowing out negative words about me with some neighbors.
- immature /ˌɪ.məˈ.tjʊə(adj): not fully developed, not mellow.
e.g.: She is 41 years old, but she sounds immature with her silly behaviors.
- be diplomatic with somebody /dɪpləˈmatɪk(v): be polite in words that do not hurt someone.
e.g.: Jane is a graduate from Law University, so she is always diplomatic with her impolite neighbors, who every now and then turn up their music at night.
- get the better of somebody (v): win over, defeat, bother somebody.
e.g.: - I never let me anger get the better of me; i know how to control my temper.
        - I could not sleep well last night because my neighbor had a birthday party and turned up the volume too loudly. so he got the better of me.
- get fed up with somebody (v): get tired of, sick off
e.g.: i really get fed up with my wife, a shopaholic and spending hours shopping her Triumph lingeries.

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