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  • “Loud splashes are from the brooks but the depth of ocean is calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

5 More Advanced Phrasal Verbs on Topic.

15. Lesson 15: Phrasal Verbs for Persuading & Deciding

Quiz: Lesson 15
Question 1
I was thinking of getting a tattoo on my arm, but my friend ____________ it by telling me it could hurt my chances in job interviews.
.    A  roped me into
.    B  talked me out of
.    C  went along with
Question 2
We can ___________ these three consultants - they're far too expensive for us to work with.
.    A  hold off
.    B  rule out
.    C  toy with
Question 3
After visiting a dozen colleges, Linda __________ attending the state university.
.    A  came around
.    B  settled on
.    C  is thinking through
Question 4
We're going to adopt a dog - we'll __________ from the animal shelter next week
. A pick one out
.    B  see one through
.    C  side with one
Question 5
Let's ___________ on making this decision until we get more data.
.    A  hold off
.    B  stress out
.    C  settle for
Question 6
The environmental groups are ___________ stricter anti-pollution laws.
.    A  pressing for
.    B  ruling out
.    C  asking around
Question 7
I asked my boss if I could work from home, and he said yes! I can't believe he _____________ it.
.    A  talked me into
.    B  sided with
.    C  went along with
Question 8
Sarah has won two Olympic silver medals; she's ___________ her first gold this year.
.    A  picking out
.    B  shooting for
.    C  seeing through
Question 9
At first my mother hated the idea of having a cell phone, but after she started using one, she eventually ____________.
.    A  came around
.    B  stressed out
.    C  thought it over
Speaking Practice:
1.   Describe a time someone talked you into (or out of) something.
2.   What’s a situation that always stresses you out?
3.   What’s one decision you thought over carefully?
4.   What’s one idea you were (or are) toying with?

5.   Describe a time when you settled for a less-than-ideal option.

16. Lesson 16: Phrasal Verbs About the Weather

Quiz: Lesson 16
Question 1
I hope this rain lets _______ before the weekend - I'm planning a camping trip.
.    A  away
.    B  off
C up
Question 2
In September, the weather starts to cool ________.
.    A  down
.    B  out
. C up
Question 3
It's cloudy right now, but the weather forecast says it'll clear ______ by noon.
. A back
. B up
. C off
Question 4
She wolfed ___________ her breakfast and ran out the door.
.    A  down
.    B  over
.    C  away
Question 5
The flood wiped _______ all the houses near the river.
. A on
. B out
. C back
Question 6
I went to the beach, but it clouded ________, so I didn't get a tan.
. A around
. B in
. C over
Question 7
The last day of the music festival was rained ________.
.    A  out
.    B  off
.    C  down
Question 8
I need to get rid _______ all the junk in my garage. A for
.    B  of

.    C  at

17. Lesson 17: Phrasal Verbs in the News

Quiz: Lesson 17
Question 1
Two children were ____________ during a shoot-out between gangs last night.
.    A  blown up
.    B  gunned down
.    C  mixed up in
Question 2
Someone __________ the media that a well-known celebrity was committing tax fraud.
.    A  accounted for
.    B  tipped off
.    C  was charged with
Question 3
My son said it wasn't his idea to put the frog in the teacher's desk; he claims his friend ___________ it.
.    A  covered up
.    B  ran for
.    C  put him up to
Question 4
She ___________ the charges because there wasn't enough evidence to convict her
. A bought off
.    B  cracked down on
.    C  was cleared of
Question 5
I started learning martial arts as a kid, to defend myself from the bullies who always _________ after school.
.    A  beat me up
.    B  leaked out
.    C  broke into me
Question 6
I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for. I don't like any of the candidates __________ president this year.
.    A  buying off
.    B  getting away with
.    C  running for
Question 7
The CEO tried to _________ the fact that the company was failing so that the employees wouldn't panic.
.    A  be charged with
.    B  cover up
.    C  tip off
Question 8
DNA testing and other modern technologies make it more difficult to ___________ a crime.
.    A  be mixed up in
.    B  let off
.    C  get away with
Question 9
You say things are going well in this country, but how do you ____________ the 20% unemployment rate?
.    A  account for
.    B  follow up
.    C  leak out
Speaking Practice:
1.   Have you ever gotten away with doing something bad, and didn’t suffer the consequences? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!)
2.   Would you ever run for office (= a political position)? Why or why not?
3.   What’s one crime that your country is trying to crack down on at the moment?

4.   What’s one thing you need to follow up on?

18. Lesson 18: Phrasal Verbs for Movement

Quiz: Lesson 18
Question 1
Henry told the kids to ___________ while he lit the campfire.
.    A  bolt away
.    B  sit up
.    C  stand up
Question 2
Tons of people ____________ Tom Cruise, asking for an autograph.
.    A  barged into
.    B  crouched down
.    C  crowded around
Question 3
I'm not feeling very well. I'm going to go __________.
.    A  bend down
.    B  climb down
.    C  lie down
Question 4
The first time I tried ice skating, I __________ ten times in the first ten minutes!
.    A  fell down
.    B  lucked out
.    C  sat down
Question 5
I hate it when people ___________ my office without knocking.
.    A  barge into
.    B  bolt away
.    C  sneak up on
Question 6
He __________ to inspect the car's tires.
.    A  crouched down
.    B  crowded around
.    C  stood back
Question 7
Tom ___________ his towel and left the beach.
.    A  crept up
.    B  picked up
.    C  sat up
Question 8
The teacher asked the students to __________ because the class was about to start.
.    A  climb down
.    B  lie down
.    C  sit down
Question 9
We got the last four tickets to the show before it sold out - we really __________! A bolted away
.    B  lucked out
.    C  picked up
Speaking Practice:
1.     When was the last time you fell down?
2.     On average, how much time per day do you spend lying down, standing up, and sitting down?
3.     What’s something you remember standing back from because it could bedangerous?
4.     What was the last thing you picked up?

5.     Describe a time when you lucked out.

19. Lesson 19: Phrasal Verbs for Information

Quiz: Lesson 19
Question 1
I need the phone number for the restaurant. Could you ___________ online?
. A cross it out
. B look it up
. C pore over it
Question 2
I don't know if I've been accepted into the program yet - I should _________ in the next few days.
. A find out
. B gloss over
. C hang up
Question 3
I think he's lying to me. What he says just doesn't __________ the evidence.
.    A  boil down to
.    B  figure out
.    C  match up with
Question 4
We need some information from the December 2009 issue of the newsletter - I'll ___________ a copy in the archives.
.    A  dawn on
.    B  feel out
.    C  track down
Question 5
In his speech, the president spoke with an optimistic tone, ___________ the fact that the economy hasn't improved.
.    A  adding up
.    B  glossing over
.    C  puzzling over
Question 6
After I thought about it for a while, it finally ___________ that taking this job wouldn't really be the best move for my career.
.    A  dawned on me
.    B  felt me out
.    C  tracked me down
Question 7
I've been ___________ this message my friend sent me - from what she wrote, I don't understand if she's still angry at me or not.
.    A  boiling down to
.    B  picking up
.    C  puzzling over
Question 8
I couldn't ____________ the difference between the present perfect and the past perfect, so I had to ask my teacher.
.    A  cross out
.    B  figure out
.    C  pore over
Question 9
After I _________, I realized I'd forgotten to ask the travel agent an important question, so I called him back.
.    A  dawned on
.    B  hung up
.    C  looked up
Speaking Practice:
1.   What’s something interesting or surprising that you recently found out?
2.   What was the last thing you looked up to find the answer?
3.   Do you tend to gloss over problems, or do you prefer to talk about them directly?

4.   Who/what is one person/thing you need to track down in the near future?

20. Lesson 20: Phrasal Verbs for Events

Quiz: Lesson 20
Question 1
The next conference session starts in just a few minutes, so we need to _________ this workshop.
.    A  kick off
.    B  stand out
.    C  wrap up
Question 2
I know this brochure isn't very well-designed; it's just something I ____________ because we needed it urgently.
.    A  didn't live up to
.    B  fizzled out
.    C  threw together
Question 3
The gift I bought for my mother cost less than I expected, so I bought something for my sister with the money that was ___________.
.    A  left over
.    B  lined up
.    C  wound down
Question 4
I can't wait for the sequel to this movie - I hear it's _________ next June.
. A coming out
.    B  giving in
.    C  singing along
Question 5
He had a great idea for a new business, but he didn't really put in much work and it ___________.
.    A  fizzled out
.    B  livened up
.    C  was left over
Question 6
Sandy's really confident; in fact, sometimes she ____________ a bit arrogant.
.    A  comes off as
.    B  lives up to
.    C  roots for
Question 7
The singer __________ her 2013 tour with a performance in New York City.
.    A  kicked off
.    B  stood out
.    C  threw together
Question 8
All the kids ___________ to wait for their turn to see Santa Claus.
.    A  fizzled out
.    B  lined up
.    C  sang along
Question 9
The high season for tourism in Brazil starts to ___________ after Carnaval.
. A come out
.    B  kick off
.    C  wind down
Speaking Practice:
1.   Describe something that didn’t live up to your expectations. What was disappointing about it?
2.   What’s your favorite music to sing along to?
3.   Do you root for any particular sports teams? (If you don’t, do you have a friend/family member who does?)

4.   Describe a time you had to throw something together. How was the result - did it turn out well?
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