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  • “Loud splashes are from the brooks but the depth of ocean is calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

20 Advanced Phrasal Verbs on Topic.

1. Lesson 1: Phrasal Verbs for Romantic Relationships.

Lesson 1 Quiz:
Question 1
I ___________ my last girlfriend because she wanted kids and I didn't.
A broke up with
B  fell for
C  put up with
Question 2
My best friend really ____________ my cousin - after I introduced them, they spent hours and hours talking.
A  cheated on
B  drifted apart
C  hit it off with
Question 3
My husband and I always __________ pretty fast after an argument - we don't stay angry at each other for very long.
A  lead on
B  jerk around
C  make up
Question 4
I think I'm ____________ my co-worker - what should I do? Should I tell him how I feel, or just keep quiet?
A  hooking up with
B  falling for
C  asking out
Question 5
My girlfriend is constantly late - it's annoying, but I love her so I _______________ it.
A hit on
B  make out with
C  put up with
Question 6
Vanessa was furious when she found out that her husband had been ______________ her with her sister.

.    A  cheating on
.    B  going out with
.    C  settling down
Question 7
Barbara and I __________ a few times, but it never really went anywhere - we're just not very compatible.
A  asked out
B  broke up
C  went out
Question 8:
I was very uncomfortable when my friend's father started _________________. He's 30 years older than me - and married.
A.    hitting on me
B.    putting up with me
C.    jerking me around
Question 9:
Samuel likes to brag about how many women he's _____________. asked outhooked up withhit off.
    A.  asked out
    B.  hooked up with
    C.  hit off
Speaking Practice Topics:
1. Who is a person that you really hit it off with?
2. How did your previous relationship end - Why did you break up?
3. What should a couple do if they begin to drift apart, but they want to save the relationship?
4. What is one thing (or one type of person) that you will NOT put up with in a relationship?
5. At the moment, are you enjoying the single life, or are you interested in settling down? (Or have you already settled down?)

2. Lesson 2: Phrasal Verbs for Emotions: 
Quiz: Lesson 2
Question 1
The whole class __________ when the teacher spilled coffee all over her desk.
A fretted about it
B  cracked up
C  calmed down
Question 2
My parents expected me to be a doctor or lawyer. When I chose a career in writing, I felt like I had ____________.
A  gotten over them
B  shaken them up
C  let them down
Question 3
I don't need a lot of money to be happy, but constantly wondering if we're going to have enough to pay the bills is starting to __________.
A  get to me
B  blow up at me
C  cope with me
Question 4
My teenage daughter always spends an hour ____________ her clothes and makeup in the morning. It's a challenge to get her to school on time!
A  flipping out
B  fretting about
C  raving about
Question 5
He doesn't handle criticism very well. All I did was make one small suggestion about how his work could be improved, and he _________ me.
A  fumed about
B  lashed out at
C  shaken up
Question 6
A drunk driver lost control of his car and crashed into a tree right in front of our house. Luckily no one was hurt, but we were all pretty ____________.
A  cracked up
B  blown up
C  shaken up
Question 7
After our family dog died, it took my kids a long time to __________ it.
A  get over
B  fret about
C  tick off
Question 8
Joanna was upset that she didn't get into the university she wanted, but she __________ when she received a full scholarship to another excellent school
A  cheered up
B  freaked out
C  let down
Question 9
He joined a support group to help him _________ his cancer diagnosis.
A  feel for
B  cope with
C  lash out at
Speaking Practice:
1.   When was the last time someone let you down? (Or: when you let someone down?)
2.   Describe a time when you were pissed off. What made you angry? How long did it take for you to calm down?
3.   Have you ever felt shaken up?
4.   What's one thing that you fret about (even though you know you shouldn't)?
5.   If your husband, wife, or best friend was depressed, what would you do to cheer him/her up?
6.   Describe a funny situation that made you crack up.

7.   Do you usually fume about things that go wrong, or do you get over them quickly? Talk about one situation you fumed about, and another situation when you got over the problem quickly.
3. Lesson 3: Phrasal Verbs for Social Situations 
Quiz - Lesson 3
Question 1
Mike and I agreed to meet at the cafe at 7 o'clock, but he never ____________. I waited for an hour and then went home.
A  headed out
B  showed up
 C  tagged along
Question 2
I ____________ really well with my dad. I feel like I can talk to him about anything.
A  fit in
B  get along
C  pass for
Question 3
Hold on a minute - I want to say goodbye to Wanda before we __________.
A  blow off
B  come across
C  take off
Question 4
She's so confident that she sometimes ____________ a little arrogant.
A comes across
B as looks up to
C passes for
Question 5
I'm __________ cooking tonight. I'd rather just order a pizza.
A not cut out for
B not going to live down
C not up for
Question 6
He ____________ the meeting to take a phone call.
A ordered around
B  slipped out of
C  stopped by
Question 7
We're going to drop by the hospital to see how Sheila's doing after her surgery. Would you like to ___________?
A  come across
B  come along
C  get along
Question 8
I tried to apologize to him for losing the book he lent me, but he just ____________. I think he's still mad about it.
A  blew me off
B  bumped into me
C  ragged on me
Question 9
On Saturday I _____________ friends for a barbecue at the beach.
A  fit in with
B  met up with
C  missed out on
Question 10
My daughter is very tall for her age. She's 8, but she could ___________ 12.
A be up for
B  live down
C  pass for
Speaking Practice:
1.     What's something you missed out on, that now you wish you had attended?
2.     Talk about one person you don't get along with. Why don't you get along with this person?
3.     Describe a time when you felt like you didn't fit in.
4.     Has anyone ever blown you off? (Or have you ever blown anyone off?)
5.     When was the last time you bumped into someone in a place you didn’t expect to see them?
6.     Talk about a time when someone tried to boss you around. How did you respond?
7.     Describe a person you look up to. What exactly do you admire about this person?

8.     What’s one job or activity you’re just not cut out for?
4. Lesson 4: Phrasal Verbs Around the House

Quiz - Lesson 4
Question 1
Please ___________ after you're finished using them.
.    A  look after the scissors
.    B  pick the scissors up
.    C  put the scissors away
Question 2
No, I didn't stay in a hotel. A friend of mine ____________ for the night.
.    A  put me up
.    B  slept in
.    C  went ahead
Question 3
You should get some rest. We have a long trip tomorrow and you don't want to _________ while driving.
.    A  nod off
.    B  sleep over
.    C  wake up
Question 4
I let my kids ____________ until midnight so they could see the fireworks on New Year's.
.    A  get up
.    B  hang up
.    C  stay up
Question 5
I can't find anyone to ___________ my dogs while I'm on vacation.
.    A  lock out
.    B  look after
.    C  put away
Question 6
I just spilled some soda on the table - can you hand me a paper towel to ____________?
.    A  chop it up
.    B  heat it up
.    C  wipe it up
Question 7
The eggs that were in the fridge went bad, so I ____________.
.    A  boiled them over
.    B  crashed with them
.    C  threw them away
Question 8
My early-morning yoga class was cancelled, so I'm planning to __________ tomorrow.
.    A  doze off
.    B  sleep in
.    C  stay up
Question 9
_____________ and eat the last piece of pizza - I don't want it.
.    A  Get up
.    B  Go ahead
.    C  Warm up
Speaking Practice:

1.   When was the last time you stayed over at someone's house?
2.   Do you go to bed early, or do you like to stay up late?
3.   Have you ever been locked out of your house or car? What did you do? (or: What would you do if you were locked out?)
4.   Do you get up immediately when you wake up... or do you stay in bed a little longer?
5.   How organized are you? Do you normally put everything away and hang up all your clothes?
6.   What was the last thing you threw out?
7.   What was the last mess you cleaned up?

5. Lesson 5: Phrasal Verbs for Health & Sports

Quiz - Lesson 5
Question 1
My daughter is planning to ___________ a very competitive gymnastics team.
.    A  bulk up
.    B  come down with
.    C  try out for
Question 2
I'm not a fitness fanatic, but I do try to ___________ three times a week.
.    A  pay off
.    B  take up
.    C  work out
Question 3
If you don't __________ before lifting weights, you could end up hurting yourself.
. A give up
.    B  stick with
.    C  warm up
Question 4
We had to get our car professionally cleaned after my son ___________ all over the back seat.
.    A  passed out
.    B  threw up
.    C  stuffed up
Question 5
My weight has gone up and down for years. I just can't seem to __________ a diet.
.    A  stick to
.    B  feel up to
.    C  cut down on
Question 6
You shouldn't go to work if you're ____________ a cold - you'll probably give it to your coworkers.
.    A  coming down with
.    B  passing out
.    C  stuffing up
Question 7
If you exercise hard but don't drink enough water, you might ____________.
.    A  bulk up
.    B  pass out
.    C  take up
Question 8
Do you ____________ going for a walk, or is your stomach still hurting?
.    A  feel up to
.    B  try out for
.    C  warm up
Question 9
I could never be a vegetarian. It'd be impossible for me to __________ hamburgers.
.    A  come down with
.    B  give up
.    C  throw up

Speaking Practice:

1.   How often do you work out? What time of day/week do you prefer to work out?
2.   What's one food you need to cut down on?
3.   What's one food you love so much, you could never give it up?

4.   Describe a time when you had to work hard or make a sacrifice, but it paid off in the end.

6. Lesson 6: Phrasal Verbs for School & Studying

Quiz - Lesson 6
Question 1
I'm ____________ Indian culture because I'll be spending a month in Mumbai this year.
.    A  flipping through
.    B  reading up on
.    C  signing up for
Question 2
Many founders of successful companies have ___________ of college to work on their businesses.
.    A  dropped out
.    B  gotten ahead
.    C  jotted down
Question 3
If you can't go to the meeting, I'll send you an e-mail _________ the main points afterwards.
.    A  cramming for
.    B  giving out
.    C  summing up
Question 4
I have plenty of time to finish writing this article. I don't have to ___________ until the end of the month.

.    A  catch up with it
.    B  look it over
.    C  turn it in
Question 5
I don't know what page the homework is on. I forgot to ___________.
.    A  blank out
.    B  brush up on it
.    C  write it down
Question 6
That new restaurant is _____________ free samples of their food to help attract customers.
.    A  dropping out
.    B  giving out
.    C  kicking out
Question 7
I thought the president was going to talk about the economy during his speech, but he didn't ____________ at all.
.    A  read up on it
.    B  slack off
.    C  touch on it
Question 8
We need to get a tutor for our son. He's finding it hard to _________ with his math class.
.    A  keep up
.    B  look over
.    C  sum up
Question 9
A lot of people _________ at work on Friday afternoons, so nothing productive gets done.
.    A  cram for
.    B  fill in
.    C  slack off
Speaking Practice:

1.     Do you tend to fall behind on your studies/work, or do you always keep up (or do you get ahead)?
2.     What’s one topic or skill you would like to brush up on?
3.     Have you been reading up on anything recently?
4.     What was the last thing you signed up for?
5.     What should a person do if they blank out during a test, meeting, or presentation? (or in a social situation)

6.     What would you do if your son / daughter was starting to slack off in their studies?

7. Lesson 7: Phrasal Verbs for Driving

Quiz - Lesson 7
Question 1
It sounds like something's wrong with the engine. We should probably __________ and take a look.
.    A  pull over
.    B  break down
.    C  speed up
Question 2
You missed the exit - you need to __________ and drive back about 2 miles.
. A flag down
.    B  set off
.    C  turn around
Question 3
When driving in the snow, you can't make any sudden movements or you might ___________.
.    A  slow down
.    B  run over
.    C  spin out
Question 4
I've got a lot of work to do right now, but I might be able to __________ for a few days next month.
.A cut off
.B get away
.C speed up
Question 5
When I need some peace and quiet, I ___________ at my mom's house for a few hours.
.A check my kids in
.B drop my kids off
.C head for my kids
Question 6
__________ - the speed limit here is 55 miles an hour, and you're pushing 70.
.    A  Buckle up
.    B  Set off
.    C  Slow down
Question 7
I was so upset when I ___________ a cat while driving home from work.
.    A  chilled out
.    B  ran over
.    C  sped up
Question 8
___________ the window, it's starting to rain.
.    A  Fog up
.    B  Roll up
.    C  Pick up
Question 9
We're __________ the mall right now - we should be there in about half an hour.
.    A  getting away
.    B  heading to
.    C  turning around
Speaking Practice:
1.   What’s the next place you’re going to be heading for?
2.   Has your car ever broken down? (Or have you ever had a car accident in which you ran over or crashed into something?)
3.   Do you think it should be illegal for people to drive without buckling up?

4.   When was the last time you picked someone up? Where did you then drop them off?
8. Lesson 8: Phrasal Verbs about Money

Quiz - Lesson 8
Question 1
I always bring my own snacks on a trip so that I don't have to _________ $10 for a tiny sandwich at the airport.
.    A  come to
.    B  scrape by
.    C  shell out
Question 2
Don't just buy the first computer you see - if you __________ you might be able to find a better price on the same model.
.    A  rip off
.    B  save up
.    C  shop around
Question 3
Could you lend me $20 for lunch? I'll ___________ tomorrow.
.    A  cough up the money
.    B  pay you back
.    C  splurge on you
Question 4
When I first started my freelance writing career, I didn't make much - but it was enough to ___________.
.    A  dip into
.    B  give away
.    C  scrape by
Question 5
My teenage daughter talks on the phone so much that our last cell phone bill ________ $250 - I made her pay half of it!
.    A  came to
.    B  sold out
.    C  snapped up
Question 6
I got a bonus at work this month, so I __________ a new pair of designer shoes.
.    A  skimped on
.    B  splurged on
.    C  stocked up on
Question 7
We're teaching our son financial responsibility early - if he wants a video game, he has to _________ his allowance to buy it himself.
.    A  add up
.    B  save up
.    C  sell out
Question 8
Everyone in the family ___________ to buy Grandma a new television.
.    A  chipped in
.    B  paid off
.    C  shopped around
Question 9
I had to ___________ $200 to change my flight when I decided to delay my trip for a day.
.    A  cough up
.    B  pay back
.    C  set aside
Speaking Practice:
1.   What was the last thing you splurged on?
2.   Have you ever had to dip into your savings? What was it for? (If not, what is something you would be willing to dip into your savings for?)
3.   Are you currently saving up for anything? (Or: What was the last thing you saved up for?)
9. Lesson 9: Phrasal Verbs at Work

Quiz: Lesson 9
Question 1
Most of the candidates didn't ___________ - they didn't have the experience or qualifications needed for the job.
.    A  measure up
.    B  report back
.    C  slave away
Question 2
Our plan to build a new factory ___________ because the property was in an environmentally-protected area.
.    A  burned out
.    B  fell through
.    C  shot down
Question 3
I was __________ three months ago, and I haven't been able to find work since.
.    A  laid off
.    B  nailed down
.    C  tied up
Question 4
Gina ___________ a great idea for motivating our employees - they can earn extra vacation days if they meet certain targets.
.    A  came up with
.    B  stepped up
.    C  took on
Question 5
I joined the company as an intern and ____________ for a whole year before being promoted.
.    A  carried out
.    B  didn't measure up
.    C  slaved away
Question 6
Frank is still out of town, but I'll send him an e-mail to ___________ on what's been happening.
.    A  fill him in
.    B  pick him up
.    C  run it by him
Question 7
We work with a lot of German clients, so I've ____________ a few basic phrases of the language.
.    A  drawn up
.    B  picked up
.    C  taken on
Question 8
I'd like you to analyze our competitors' latest marketing strategies and ___________ to me next week.
.    A  come up with
.    B  fall through
.    C  report back
Question 9
Our next conference might be in Israel, Russia, or France. It's not ____________ yet.
.    A  nailed down
.    B  penciled in
.    C  shot down
Speaking Practice:
1.   What was the last project you took on?
2.   Have you ever been burned out? What did you do?
3.   Describe a time when one of your plans or projects fell through.
4.   What was the last good idea you came up with?

5.   Describe a situation or problem you've recently talked over with a colleague.
10. Lesson 10: Phrasal Verbs for Computers

Quiz: Lesson 10
Question 1
After you finish your online banking, you should always __________ of your account for security reasons.
.    A  lock up
.    B  log out
.    C  shut down
Question 2
I have an old computer. It takes forever to __________.
.    A  boot up
.    B  scroll down
.    C  type in
Question 3
My internet provider has excellent customer service. You can always __________ them to solve the problem.
.    A  count on
.    B  hook up to
.    C  set up
Question 4
If your computer __________ frequently, it might have a virus.
. A locks up
.    B  prints out
.    C  zooms in
Question 5
I need a place to _________ my laptop - I only have 10 minutes of battery life left.
.    A  log on
.    B  plug in
.    C  screw up
Question 6
Can we _________ these photos in color?
.    A  print out
.    B  scroll up
.    C  zoom out
Question 7
My dad's good with computers. He'll help you __________ your wireless network.
.    A  check out
.    B  count on
.    C  set up
Question 8
Oops - I must have _________ during the installation, because the program won't open.
.    A  booted up
.    B  messed up
.    C  popped up
Question 9
Make sure the Caps Lock is off when you _________ your password
. A print out
.    B  scroll down
.    C  type in
Speaking Practice:
1.   What was the last thing you printed out?
2.   Can you set up a new computer by yourself, or do you need help?
3.   Has your computer ever locked up? What were you working on at the time?
4.   How long does it take your computer to boot up?

5.   Describe a time you messed up (it doesn’t have to be computer-related).

11. Lesson 11: Phrasal Verbs for Travel

Quiz: Lesson 11
Question 1
You should ___________ that beach - the water's polluted.
. A hold up
.    B  stay away from
.    C  wander around
Question 2
I ________ the bus at the wrong stop and had to ask for directions.
. A got off
. B took off
. C turned out
Question 3
Wow, you're all __________. Are you going somewhere special?
. A checked out
. B dressed up
. C tried on
Question 4
When I was in college, I ___________ to pursue my dream of bicycling across Europe.
.    A  got out of a semester
.    B  took a semester off
.    C  wandered around a semester
Question 5
If you like hiking, you might want to __________ the National Park - it has miles and miles of great trails.
.    A  check out
.    B  get into
.    C  show around
Question 6
When I _________ the temple, they told me I couldn't go in because I was wearing shorts.
.    A  dressed up
.    B  got to
.    C  stayed away from
Question 7
I only wanted to buy a small present for my mother, but everything in the store was so beautiful that I _________ getting gifts for my entire family.
.    A  checked out
.    B  ended up
.    C  saw off
Question 8
The trip took twice as long as usual - we were _________ by heavy traffic.
.    A  held up
.    B  hung out
.    C  taken off
Question 9
When I moved in, my new neighbors offered to ____________ the area.
.    A  get me on
.    B  see me off
.    C  show me around
Speaking Practice:
1.   When was the last time you took time off from work? How long was it and what did you do?
2.   What’s your favorite place (outside of home) to hang out, and why?
3.   What’s one place in your city where you have never been, but you would liketo check out?

4.   Is there anyplace in your city you would tell a tourist to stay away from?Why?

12. Lesson 12: Phrasal Verbs for Communication

Quiz: Lesson 12
Question 1
I knew my boss was lying to the client, but I didn't ___________ because I was afraid of losing my job.
.    A  speak up
.    B  stand up for him
.    C  tune out
Question 2
It's annoying when people ___________ because they don't think I understand English.
.    A  cut me off
.    B  harp on me
.    C  talk down to me
Question 3
The gym teacher ___________ the rules of the game so that all the kids would know how to play it.
.    A  blurted out
.    B  spelled out
.    C  pointed out
Question 4
Steve is really into astronomy - if you can ask him, he can __________ the names of all the constellations.
.    A  bring up
.    B  rant about
.    C  rattle off
Question 5
When my doctor told me my cholesterol levels were high, I __________ and admitted I hadn't stuck to my diet.
.    A  butted in
.    B  fessed up
.    C  spoke out
Question 6
I can't stand people who are always __________ problems, but never offer any solutions.
.    A  harping on
.    B  opening up to
.    C  tuning out
Question 7
We work for an organization that ____________ the rights of indigenous people to stay on their ancestral land.
.    A  brings up
.    B  calls out
.    C  stands up for
Question 8
Here comes Sophia - don't _______ that you know about her pregnancy; I don't think it's public knowledge yet.
.    A  call out
.    B  let on
.    C  speak up
Question 9
When I was debating whether or not to buy the product, the salesperson ___________ that it would actually save me money in the long run.
.    A  backed me up
.    B  pointed out
.    C  talked down to me
Speaking Practice:
1.   Describe a time when you had to fess up about something you did.
2.   Have you ever stood up for someone (or had someone stand up for you)?
3.   What was the last thing you ranted about?
4.   Have you ever blurted out something that you later wish you hadn’t said?

5.   Describe a time when you saw something wrong and spoke up.

13. Lesson 13: Phrasal Verbs for Time & Change (Part 1)

Quiz: Lesson 13
Question 1
My son wants to be a fireman when he __________.
.    A  brings up
.    B  grows up
.    C  hurries up
Question 2
If you _________ for a few minutes after class, I'll answer your question in more detail.
.    A  drag on
.    B  put off
.    C  stick around
Question 3
The product launch didn't go as planned. We had to __________ three months because of last-minute problems in the manufacturing.
.    A  move it back
.    B  squeeze it in
.    C  think back on it
Question 4
I drank a cup of coffee after dinner, and then I couldn't get to sleep until the caffeine high __________.
.    A  called off
.    B  moved up
.    C  wore off
Question 5
You should always set a time limit for meetings, otherwise they tend to __________.
.    A  drag on
.    B  keep on
.    C  hang on
Question 6
This project isn't very high priority - just do it whenever you can _____________ it.
.    A  get around to
.    B  look forward to
.    C  take after
Question 7
My ex-girlfriend ____________ calling me and begging for another chance, so I finally blocked her number.
.    A  grew up
.    B  kept on
.    C  put off
Question 8
__________ and finish packing - we need to leave for the airport in ten minutes!
.    A  Come up
.    B  Hold on
.    C  Hurry up
Question 9
Brenda won't be at work today - her father ___________ just last night and she's taking care of the funeral arrangements.
.    A  moved back
.    B  passed away
.    C  took after
Speaking Practice:
1.   Do you take after your father or mother? (or someone else in your family?)
2.   When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
3.   What’s one task you are currently putting off?