ESLPOD 56N: Hire a Person for a Job.

* Vocabulary:
- do something else more than just do something:
e.g.: you'd better go shopping or come around your friend's house more than just stay at home all the time.
- give somebody a notice (exp): say that you are going to leave or quit your job.
- it couldn't have come at the worse time (idiom): bad things coincidentally happened at the same time.
e.g.: she had her left leg broken, then she went to the hospital without her wallet, which could have dropped on the street. it could not have come at the worse time.
- call in (v): contact somebody on phone.
e.g.: Her admin has called her in for some further information.
- narrow something down to (v): make something smaller or narrower.
e.g.: Jane, an HR officer, is going to call in 10 candidates for an interview, then she narrows down to 2 best candidates.
- personable (adj): a kind and polite person with an pleasant appearance.
- persevere in doing something  (v) /pəːsɪˈvɪə/: try to do something or achieve something despite its difficulties.
- perseverance (n) /pəːsɪˈvɪər(ə)ns/
e.g.: They have persevered in cycling around the world.
- chatty (adj) = talkative.
- be rough around the edges (exp): be a greenhorn.
- earnest (adj) /ˈəːnɪst/: honest.
- have the air of someone(exp): appear to be or look like.
e.g.: some bony candidates do not have the air of people who have been working in a professional environment.
- strike somebody as something: give somebody a particular impression.
e.g.: her experience has struck me as an efficient and reliable candidate.
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