Tactics for Writing in Business.

I. Email Etiquette:

1. Formal or Informal:
2. Privacy:
3. Formatting:
4. CC or BCC:
5. Replay or Reply All:
6. Forward:
7. Priority and Receipt:

II. Email Structure:

1. Structure:
2. Email Subject:
3. Greetings:
4. Body Introduction:
5. Body Main Text:
6. Attachments:
7. Closing and signature:

III. Email Vocabulary:

1. Common Mistakes with Vocabulary:
2. Common Questions:
3. Phrases, Verbs and Nouns:
4. Staying Neutral:
5. Shortened Forms:

6. Suggestions:

IV. Email Grammar:

1. Direct Questions:

2. Passive Voice:
3. Impersonal Pronouns:
4. Distancing:
5. Polite Request:

V. Email Punctuation:

1. General Rules:
2. Comma:
3. Apostrophe:

5. Quotation Marks:

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