ESLPOD 22n: Buying a New Computer.

* Vocab:
- act up(v): cause somebody problems.
e.g.: These children are acting up by running around the room.
- give somebody your 2 cents (idiom) = here's my 2 cents worth: give your opinions.
e.g.: he is not a computer wiz, but here is his 2 cents worth about how to setting up the OS.
- in one's heart of hearts (idiom): truly believe, the truest feeling.
e.g.: Mary is a good housewife, but she knows in her heart of hearts her hubby has got a love affair with her elder sister.
- cross ones heart (idiom): used to state something you have just said true, sincere.
e.g.: I've never asked Anne out, cross my heart.
- take a crack at something (exp): try something
e.g.: she is going to take a crack at filming, but in my heat of hearts i know it takes her ages to be a professional.
- weigh over ones' head ( exp): far above your understanding.
e.g.: fixing a computer weighs over my head because i am not a computer wiz.
- get carried away (exp): lose one's control because they are over excited about, or interested in something.
e.g.: Most of K-pop fans get carried away when they see their idols in person.
- burning issue or question (exp): an urgent question.


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