ESLPOD 46: Problems at the Office


* Vocabulary:
- take credit for something (exp): used to say that you have done something by yourself whether or not you have actually done it.
e.g.: My daughter took credit for feeding the cat, but i actually fed him.
- pull something (exp): do something dishonest.
e.g.: I thought she had pulled the some tricks on her test which is an A.
- have the guts = have the nerves: be brave to do something.
e.g.: - She really had the nerves to steal my old bike. 
        - Tom had the nerves to leave his home when he was only 10 years old.
- to top it (all) off (exp): final thing is even worse.
e.g.: The pedestrian had a nasty trip on the pavement and no one helped him. To top it off, he lost his wallet.
- a jerk (n) /dʒəːk/: a stupid person.
- slack off (exp) /slak/: not focusing much on their work, lazy or become inefficient, reduce gradually
e.g.: - She seems to be tired, so she slacks off her work.
        - Most of seniors in the universities have allegedly slacked off their study.
        - The windchill begins to slack off when you turn off the fan.
        - nearly the end of the year, the number of students  who registers for English courses, slacks off.
- get away with doing something (exp): successfully avoid the punishment.
e.g.: - She got away with riding her motorbike on the pavement in the rush hour.
        - That drunkard got away with running through the stop sign.
- fair-minded (adj) /feːˈmʌɪndɪd/: equally treat someone.
e.g.: My teacher is a fair-minded man, who tends to listen to every single student's constructive criticism in "a free talk" lesson.
- blow something off (exp): ignore or treat something or somebody as if he or she were not important.
e.g.: - A qualified teacher should never blow his or her student's ideas off.
        - Jane's sis had a blind date with a new guy, but she, in the end, blew it off. (she did not get there).
- fight one's own battle (idiom): try to do something difficult by yourself.
- tick one off (exp): drive one crazy.
e.g.: Do not tick your principal off. if he is ticked off, you'd better leave school.

- floor somebody (v): hit someone, or punch somebody and knock somebody down on the floor, shock someone with surprising news.
e.g.: what she left her home last night floored me.
- That makes two of us (exp): me too.

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