The Effects of Depression on the Body.

It is a normal part of life when we are happy or sad about what we are satisfied or unsatisfied with. However, if Man has depression all the time, it can result in some serious medical conditions that affect the quality of life.

Central Nervous System.

We tend not to cogitate depression because it has taken place in a flash, especially those children who found it difficult to articulate symptoms or older adults, who may blame their symptoms on the fact that they are no spring chicken.
Symptoms of depression include overwhelming sadness, grief, and a sense of guilt. People with depression often complain about feeling tired all the time and have trouble sleeping. They, furthermore, get fractious, ticked off or are temperamental
Other symptoms include inability to concentrate, memory problems, and difficulty making decisions. People with depression may keep complaining about their work as a bed of nails.
Children get depressed, too. Children may be excessively irritable and negative and slack off their study.
Depression can cause headaches, chronic body aches, and pain that may not respond to medication.

Digestive System

Depression can affect the appetite. We every now and then have heartburn after we have eaten for a while.

Cardiovascular and Immune Systems

Depression and stress are closely related. Stress hormones speed heart rate and make blood vessels tighten, putting your body in a prolonged state of emergency. Over time, this can lead to heart disease. To top it off, adults can get erectile dysfunction

* Vocabulary:
- articulate (v): /ɑːˈtɪkjʊleɪt/ be able to express thoughts or feelings in words.
e.g.:  although the dump can not articulate their feelings, they can use their body language.
- be no spring chicken (idiom): old, over the hill
- fractious (adj) /ˈfrakʃəs/: easily get mad and often complain about something.
e.g.: Mary got a son who is quite picky and fractious whenever his mom asks him to put on some clothes she has bought for him.
- temperamental (adj) /ˌtɛmp(ə)rəˈmɛnt(ə)l/: a person whose mood easily changes or changes all the time.
e.g.: She is a temperamental lady, if you would like to ask her out tonight, ring her every second to make sure.
- a bed of nails (idiom): a difficult situation.
e.g.: He is not an inborn musician, so composing a song is as a bed of nails to him.
- heartburn (n) /ˈhɑːtbəːn/: a symptom that you feel hot or painful in your lower chest.

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