ESLPOD 28: Shooting the breeze

* Vocabulary- shoot the breeze (idiom) /briːz/: saying something that is not important, just for fun.
e.g.: when i was a little boy, i used to shoot the breeze with my buddies.
- cast about for something (v): look for something or some person in a difficult way.
e.g.: - The monitor in my class was casting about for one student to do clean-up.
        - She has cast about for some ideas to speak out loud in the interview.
- end up (v): be finally in a particular place or situation.
e.g.: the car's suspension which was checked last week was quite bad, so we ended up driving it to the shop.
- meteorologist (n) /ˌmiːtɪəˈrɒlədʒɪst/: a scientist studies the weather conditions.
- windchill factor (n) /ˈwɪnd.tʃɪl/: how cold the air is when it touches our skin.
e.g.: oh, it is so cold tonight. Turn off the fan please. it is colder due to the windchill.
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