A Nightmare with Grease Stain gone.

I’m a big fan of household hacks that save time, effort, and money, and this is one of the best I’ve seen in a while!
Nearly everyone at one time or another has ruined an item of clothing with a messy grease stain. It’s very common for people that work in the restaurant industry or pretty much anyone that cooks. Something as simple as leaving Chapstick in your pocket and then sitting on it can easily ruin your favorite pair of jeans. Did you try to change the oil in your car yourself? There’s no way to do it without getting grease all over, and some of that grease will definitely end up on your clothes. Any oil based product, household, cooking, or otherwise, works its way into the fibers of your clothes and is extremely difficult to remove. And some things, like food oils and grease used in automobiles, carries an odor that lingers, even after several attempts at washing.
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There are a ton of cleaners, detergents, sprays and powders on the market that claim to remove stains from just about anything. But unfortunately, most of them don’t do anything except empty your pocket. Take a look at the shelf or cabinet in your laundry room. If it looks anything like mine, there are tons of bottles in all sizes and colors. Every one of them claims to work some sort of stain removing miracle. What’s next to those bottles on the shelf? A stack of clothing that has been turned into rags for cleaning because they’re stained. I tried to remove the stains with one or more of those cleaning product, but none of them worked.
Thank goodness there’s a much simpler, cheaper solution that actually works. All it takes is some baking soda, dish soap, and a little bit of good old-fashioned scrubbing. Add a little bit of vinegar in the wash for odors. After treatment, throw the clothes in the wash and those stains just disappear. Check out the video for complete instructions.
(Source: http://www.metaspoon.com/)

* Vocab:
- household hacks (n): tips to make your stuff at home better.
messy grease stain (n) /ɡriːs//steɪn/: a dirty oily stain.
- end up on something (v): finally stick on to something, be in a particular position.
e.g.: t's raining. You'd better put on a raincoat or the mud will end up on your shirt.
- detergent (n) /dɪˈtəːdʒ(ə)nt/: a substance to wash out dirt, a cleansing agent.
- linger (v) /ˈlɪŋɡə/: stay at one place for a long time.
e.g.: most of people gathered in front of the castle for a concert, then they lingered for a few hours to ask for autographs.

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