ELSPOD 22n: Old Buddies.

* Vocab:
- a graduate degree (n): a degree after university like (M.A, Ph.D, MD, etc.)
- from a graduate school: It refers that sometime is taking a master course after her undergraduate degree.
- buddy (n): friend.
- from undergraduate days: during the period of learning at a uni.
e.g.: I have known her from undergraduate days.
- swing by (v) /swɪŋ/: go somewhere for a short time.
e.g.: she's going to swing by my house to give me some scripts this evening.
- what with this and that (idiom): for lots of reasons.
e.g.: I intended to ask her out but what with this and that my plan might not successfully go off when i saw her walking hand in hand with another guy.
- be out of touch # keep in touch
- (life)in the fast lane (exp): an active and exciting but risky life.
e.g.: most of undergraduate students are of life int he fast lane where they can cohabit and do not think of their future.
- make ends meet (idiom): just have enough to pay for your necessities.
- touch base with somebody (idiom): keep contact with , talk to someone.
e.g.: i need to touch base with John about the contract.
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