ELSPOD 24n: Driving on the Freeway.

* Vocab: 
- do battle (v): fight, (fig.) it seems to be difficult to do.
- get behind the wheel (idm): drive a car.
- mild-mannered (adj) (personality) /mʌɪld/: calm and peaceful.
- a speed limit (n): how fast you can drive.
e.g.: the government raises the speed limit on the freeway and lowers in the city.
- in a flash (idiom): quickly.
- gun your engine (idiom): accelerate suddenly.
- cut off a car (exp): cut somebody off, move in front of, pull in front of somebody or something.
- a passing lane (n): lane for cars to go past others.
- cause a pileup (v) /ˈpʌɪlʌp/: cause a serious accident involving several vehicles.
- an alternate route (n) /ˈɔːltəneɪt -ruːt /: another way to go on the street.
- a lot of congestion (n) /kənˈdʒɛstʃ(ə)n/: too much traffic on the street.

- tailgate somebody (v) /ˈteɪlɡeɪt/ : move behind somebody closely

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