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iPhone 12 Pre-orders and Delays on the Chain Production.

 The iPhone 12 launch is almost upon us, with Apple pushing back the usual September reveal event it holds for its flagships to October because of production delays.   

The smartphone is reportedly getting a staggered release of its four models, but at least two will be up for pre-order following the event based on what we've heard so far, and the latest leak has tipped us off as to exactly when iPhone 12 pre-orders will be going live. 

Twitter leaker Evan Blass has shared an email from a network operator that addresses customers about the upcoming iPhone 12 5G. All four iPhone 12 models are set to be 5G-capable, with the exception of a fifth LTE handset that is expected to be cheaper as a result. 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will have the upper hand, as it'll support the super speedy millimeter wave 5G, rather than sub-6 type 5G, making it the perfect future-proof smartphone.    

The email states that pre-orders will close at midnight on Tuesday, October 20, and they usually open a week prior, just after the Apple event; so we're looking at pre-orders going live on October 13.

The only snag here is that iPhones typically launch on a Friday, just like last year's iPhone 11, 2018's iPhone XS, and the iPhone X the year before. If the carrier is off by a couple of days, pre-orders will open on Friday, October 16, and end a week later on October 23.

It's possible we might hear something about the iPhone 12 at Apple's event next week, although we expect this to focus on the Apple Watch Series 6 and a new iPad Air, so we'll have to sit tight and wait to see what unfolds. 


* New Words:

- tip somebody off (v): give somebody a piece of secret information that may happen.

e.g.: Jane has broken his window, a tip-off that he will be punished by his mom.

- have the upper hand (idm): have the advantage.

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