Buddha Quotes on Life:

  • “Learn this from water: loud splashes the brook but the oceans depth are calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

Words in English - Chew Someone's Ear Off

chew someone's ear off
 “When I get nervous, I talk a lot. So I just chewed her ear off for an hour and a half.”

- Actor Joshua Jacksondescribing his terrible first date with girlfriend Diane Kruger. (Us Weekly)
talk a lot; talk too much
Good listeners make good friends. Someone who talks constantly about himself and never asks any questions may seem boring and selfish.

On a date, it’s especially important to ask questions, listen to the other person, and not talk too much about yourself. Joshua Jacksondid just the opposite on his first date with Diane Kruger. It’s surprising she gave him a second date after he chewed her ear off.

When you chew someone’s ear off, you talk on and on and on…and on. You don’t let the other person get a single word in, or pause to ask her about herself.

Sometimes we call a person who always chews people’s ears off a “chatterbox.” You might also say that someone 
talked your ear off. But saying that someone chewed your ear off is an even stronger way to say that he just wouldn’t shut up.
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