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Useful Written phrases in English.

1. Specifying topics and relations between ideas

in terms of in relation to
in/within the context of with respect to
with regard to related to relating to
the relationship between as to
concerned with linked to relevant to
in accordance with

in respect of
from the point of view of from the perspective of focus on
in particular in question as part of
the question of (whether or not) the concept of
the idea of the notion of
the problem of the issue of

the idea that in the field of in the area of in the study of
our understanding of an understanding of
a better understanding of the assumption that
the aim/purpose of this study/chapter/ article
beyond the scope of (this book/article/
will be discussed in more detail

2. Drawing attention to something or focusing on it

it is important (to)
it should be noted that
it is important to note that it is interesting to note that it is worth noting that
it is important to remember that it is important to realize that
it is important to understand
it is important to recognize/be aware of/ bear in mind
in the case of

in this case
the importance of
(one of) the most important it is not surprising that
the need for/to there is a need for/to the significance of
it is necessary to it is useful to
(to) take into account
(to/should/need to) be taken into account

to take account of to be aware of
it is difficult to the purposes of the benefits of (to) note that
an important role in at the heart of
if and only if in fact

3. Hedging and expressing degrees of certainty

it may be appears to be
does not appear to be seems to be
it could/can be argued that argue(s) that
held that claim that
it is (not) possible to/that it is impossible to
it may be possible to the possibility of
the probability of

4. Explaining and defining
in other words
(is) (often) referred to as refer(s) to
this means that
this does not mean that in the sense that/of
in this way

the likelihood of the potential for
has/have the potential to based on the assumption that the view that
considered to be to suggest that it is clear that
it is not clear
(this) is not to say/suggest that there is no reason to
there is no doubt that
it is difficult to see (how)

in such a way (that) in a way that
(as) a way of (be) regarded as
(can) be thought of as the definition of
is defined as

as a whole assume that
it is reasonable to assume that it is fair to say that
more or less in general
is/are likely to be
is/are/were more likely to (be) (are) less likely to
is/are likely to it is likely that
be expected to

to account for reasons for
the reason for this is that it is for this reason that for a number of reasons
can be described/explained in terms of

5. Giving examples or presenting evidence

such as
for example for instance as in
as shown in according to is/are shown in can be seen (as/in) it can be seen that as we have seen as we shall see
it is easy to see that (is) an example of
is a good example of show(s) that indicate(s) that
has/have been shown to (be)

it can be shown that
it has been shown that have shown that evidence of/that/for data on
research on support for
it has been suggested that it has been argued that
in some cases (by/from) the fact that are based on
basis for
can be found in
(was/have been) found to be found that
observed in

tend to characterized by in the light of
as in the case of this is (not) the case see also
in the form of (as) a form of different types of a/the type of
a kind of kinds of
in a number of ways in a variety of ways in so far as

6. Expressing aims, causes and effects

in order to/ so that
(be/is) due to may be due to
(be) due to the fact that as a result (of)
is a/the result of result(s) in because of caused by
the cause(s) of the effect(s) of
the/an effect(s) on the impact of
an impact on subject to depend(s) on dependent on determined by in response to

7. Making contrasts
rather than
as opposed to in contrast to in contrast
on the other hand on the one hand
the difference between

8. Comparing
compared with/to relative to
in the same way (as/that)

9. Adding
as well as/ as well

the way(s) in which the manner in which is based on
on the basis of/that (is/are/be) associated with association between involved in
responsible for to ensure that tend(s) to be give rise to
by means of lead(s) to can/may lead to so as to
such that
a change in
is consistent with
(as) a consequence of the consequences of

difference(s) in
a number of different different from variation in
whether or not this is not the case not necessarily

in much the same way (as) similar to (that of) consistent with

in addition
(not only) but also

(as) a means of the influence of is related to
(as) a source of derived from can be used to
can be applied to on the part of
at the expense of for the purpose(s) of play a role in
play(s) an important role (in) an important role to play in play a key role in
an integral part of lies at the heart of in the event of
have a significant impact on is the most common cause of

with the exception of while at the same time in spite of the fact that
is not the same (thing) as
the other end of the spectrum

the corresponding corresponding to
the advantages and disadvantages of

and so on
a combination of

10. Expressing quantity/degree and increase/decrease

the/a number of there are a number of the amount of
the level of
a high level of the rate of

(in) a (wide) variety of (in) a/the (wide) range of in the range of
a large number of a small number of an/the increase in

increase in the number of a/the reduction in reduction in the number of the degree of
the degree to which a high degree of

the extent of
the extent to which to the extent that the size of
the growth of the rise of high levels of

a series of
the most common is equal to
a measure of
the percentage of the/a proportion of the ratio of

the total number of the frequency of the prevalence of one or more of
by a factor of is a measure of in part

of the total
to a greater or lesser extent more/greater/higher/less/
lower than

11. Expressing the existence/non-existence of something

in the presence of the existence of

(even) in the absence of (any) the/a lack of

the presence or absence of the majority of

the vast majority of

12. Referring to the text and to other texts

in the course of in this study
of this study in the study

13. Referring to time
in the future in recent years

in this chapter of this chapter
in the previous/next section the following

in the past prior to

as follows the above
the former/latter the work of

(over) a period of time over time

in the literature et al
at the beginning of

at the same time in turn

14. Phrases with (the) (noun) of

(by/with) the use of
(in) the development of the role of
the nature of the basis of the form of the value(s) of
in the process of

15. Miscellaneous

the risk of
(as/is) a function of the quality of
the study of
the application of the formation of the ability to/of the evolution of

the creation of the distribution of the emergence of the meaning of the principle of
the introduction of the analysis of
the effectiveness of

the performance of the implementation of the availability of
the content of aspect(s) of characteristics of feature(s) of elements of
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