Life Quotes

  • “Loud splashes are from the brooks but the depth of ocean is calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

Spoken phrases In IELTS

1. Signposting and focusing in lectures/lessons
I was going to / 
we are going to 
I would like to
I want to talk about / look at 
what I want to do is
I (just) want to
i am just going to/ going to talk about/ going to be talking/ about going to look at

2. Specifying topics and relations between ideas
in terms of
with respect to in relation to
(in) the context of in the case of
from the point of view of when it comes to
in the form of
on the basis of
to do with

3. Drawing attention to something or focusing on it
in this/that case
the question is
the point is that
the problem of
the problem with

4. Clarifying and restating
(so) in other words
as I say
as I said
that is to say
what I mean by

5. Giving examples
going to give you an example (so) for example
for instance

6. Adding
as well as
and so on (and so forth)

7. Using vague language
or something like that something to do with
a kind of
a sort of
some kind of

8. Classifying and comparing things
the same sort of
the sorts of

9. Making contrasts
on the other hand
on the one hand

10. Expressing relationships between things and ideas
the relationship between 
according to

11. Expressing aims, causes and effects
as a result (of) 
the effect(s) of
what happens if 
what happens to

12. Ordering content and making time references
first of all
the first thing (that)
in the first place
at the beginning/start (of) at the end (of)

13. Hedging and expressing degrees of certainty
may or may not
it seems to me (that) I think (that)
I would say

14. Marking a shift in or change of topic
(going to) come to 
come back to (that) 
go back to (that) 
back to that

15. Direct address or instruction to students/audience
(just) to remind you if you remember
to bear in mind
to think about
for those of you

16. Expressing quantity and increase/decrease
(lots and) lots of
(quite) a lot (of)
a certain amount of an awful lot of
a little bit (of)
a number of
the number of
a (whole) series of a (whole) range of a variety of
all sorts
a group of
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