Make Your Own Lip Balm At Home.

Cosmetics are something that many women, and quite a few men use every, single day. Products like make-up, moisturizers, special facial cleansers, lip balm and more are things that a lot of people consider necessities, and unfortunately, their relatively expensive. They certainly take up a larger portion of my budget than I like. Lip balm is one of the things I pretty much can’t live without. Buying lip balm definitely has it’s drawbacks, though.

First of all, there’s the fact that I always have five (okay, ten) different lip balm at the same time. Either I can’t find one because I lost it in the bottom of my giant purse or it’s rolling around on the floor of my car. Or my significant other borrowed it and never gave it back. Sometimes, I buy a new one just because I’m waiting in a long line at the store and they put them right by the register for people like me, obviously. You know, people with no impulse control and there’s a flavor or brand I’ve never tried before.
My habit is not only a huge waste of money but a waste of resources. Consider all of those little plastic pots that I just toss in the trash, sometimes still with lip balm still in them. I do have a limit on the amount of lip balm lint I can handle, after all. Then, when I actually look at the label, I’m appalled at all of the stuff that’s in the lip balm. That can’t be good, right?
Well, it all stops today. Unfortunately, most of my DIY attempts look like the cover photos for ‘Pinterest Fails Weekly’, but I’m confident this DIY lip balm recipe is something I can totally handle. It’s SO SIMPLE! Not only that, but it only uses a few ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E, and the essential oil of my choice. I know exactly what’s going on my lips. I can even use old lipsticks to make fun colors. And, I get to reuse all those old EOS pots. It’s low-mess, looks super easy and fast, and it’s a great money saver!
* Vocab:
- Moisturizer (n) /ˈmɔɪstʃərʌɪzə/: a substance keeping your skin from being dry.
- Facial cleanser (n) /ˈfeɪʃ(ə)l/ /ˈklenzə/: a liquid or cream used for cleaning face.
- Drawback (n): disadvantage.
- no impulse control (n): do not have the ability to control the sudden desire to do something.
e.g.: he just acted on impulse. ( like he's up and ran around the classroom).
        she's got an impulse buying whenever she goes out with her boyfriend.
- appall somebody (v): horrify, make somebody shock
e.g.: Killing dogs appalls every single pet lover.
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