ESLPOD 27N: Everyday Problems.


* Vocabulary:
- come across (v): find something suddenly even if it is not expected to
e.g.: while i as doing cleaning, i came across some letters from my old friend.
- screw up (aggressive) = mess up something: spoil something.
e.g.: - Her brother is always screwing her up by asking for allowances.
        - Don't get your butt off the couch or you will mess my work up.
- stress somebody out (v): make somebody quite nervous or worried.
e.g.: The result surely stressed her out.
- have your eye on something (idiom): really want to have something and intend to buy it.
e.g.: My brother has an eye on Scrambler, but it surely will cost him a fortune.
- pull one's weight (idiom): work as hard as the others do.
e.g.: We always get stressed out when Mondays come because we ourselves have to be squeezed out the best strategy to develop the company. Meanwhile, the boss never pulls his weight, just sticks his eyes on iPad for the Cross-fire.
- obsess about something (v): always think about some thing (often the bad things).
e.g.: Mary always obsesses about her weight which keeps soaring up these days.
- dwell on something (v): keep talking or thinking about the bad thing.
e.g.: Give me a break please, why do you keep dwelling on my result? 
- the here and now (idiom): the present or current time.

e.g.: do not obsess about the unhappiness, enjoy your here and now.
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