ESLPOD 30N: Going to the Pharmacy.


* Vocabulary:
- stop by (v): go to or visit somewhere then keep going to another one.
- prescribe (v) /prɪˈskrʌɪb/: a doctor writes down the names of the medication to be bought.
- over-the-counter medications (exp): medications bought directly from a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.
- hay fever (n): a sort of seasonal illness like a cold or an allergy.
- sneeze up a storm (idiom) /sniːz/: sneeze a lot.
e.g.: when i catch the hay fever, i often sneeze up a storm every morning
- while someone is at it (exp): while one person is doing something or going to somewhere.
e.g.: are you getting to the drugstore? while you are at it, take me some antacids and bandages.
- be waited on (passive): helped, served
e.g.:  - She waits on her customers nicely.
         - Mary gets sick off waiting on her husband who often stays out late.
- do a consultation with somebody (exp) /kɒnsəlˈteɪʃ(ə)n/: give someone the instruction of how to do something.
e.g.: when i get the refill, the pharmacist does not need to do a consultation with me ( because he has already done a consultation with me before).
- ring up the sale (exp): process the sale or after recording the paid money and putting it into the cash register.
e.g.:  - she rang up the sale and gave me some change.
         - The florist rang up some tulips and orchids; they cost me $20.
- HMO (abbreviation): Health Maintenance Organization.
- foot the bill (exp): pay
e.g.: tonight i should have treated you a nice meal but what with this and that my salary has not come, so would you mind...?
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