38 new Zika infections reported.

SINGAPORE - Another 38 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection in Singapore have been reported as of noon on Friday (Sep 2), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed.

In a joint statement on Friday, MOH and the National Environment Agency (NEA) revealed that 34 cases are linked to the cluster in the areas of Aljunied Crescent, Sims Drive, Kallang Way and Paya Lebar Way.
The authorities did not reveal where the other four victims lived, but said that they had no known links to any existing cluster.
The latest cases bring the total number of locally transmitted Zika virus infections in Singapore to 189, including two pregnant women. Of these, at least 57 are foreign nationals from China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Taiwan and Mynamar.
Today reported that a 24-year-old woman was diagnosed with both Zika and dengue, though it is unclear if she is one of the two pregnant women that has been announced by MOH.
The first locally transmitted Zika infection was reported last Saturday.
MOH and NEA said that there were ongoing efforts to control the Aedes mosquito population in the Aljunied and Bedok North Avenue 3 areas. As of Sep 1, 74 mosquito breeding habitats in both clusters, comprising 42 in homes and 32 in common areas, have been detected and destroyed.
"Vector control remains key to reducing the spread of the Zika virus. Premises owners should udertake vector control measures regularly, and ensure proper housekeeping within their premises at all times to remove potential mosquito breeding habitats. Residents also need to do their part to prevent mosquito breeding in their homes," MOH and NEA said.
Meanwhile, a number of Members of Parliament (MP), including Yishun GRC MP Lee Bee Wah, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP Sun Xueling, and Workers' Party MPs have been seen conducting their own outreach efforts and handing out flyers about Zika to residents in their constituencies.
(Source: http://news.asiaone.com)

- as of/from (idiom): used to say the time or date when something starts from.
- in a joint statement : a public statement.
- cluster (n) /ˈklʌstə/: a group of something with the same type.
- be links to the cluster (v): (in the context) some areas all have a relation to Zika-transmitted diseases.
- be diagnosed with something (v) /ˈdʌɪəɡnəʊz/: be analyzed and told exactly what illness is.
- dengue (n)/ˈdɛŋɡi/ = dengue fever (n) : a disease caused by the mosquito bites in tropical countries.
- breeding habitat (n): a place where creatures live and have babies.
- conduct outreach efforts (v): carry out large-scale efforts.
- constituency (n)/kənˈstɪtjʊənsi/: a place where voters elect a rep to a MP or legislative body.
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