Life Quotes

  • “Loud splashes are from the brooks but the depth of ocean is calm.”

    • “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart..”

      • “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

Grade 10 - Word Forms.

Give the correct form of the word in brackets.

1.  That little girl can dance                    . (beauty)
2.  Since her              , the room has been full of laughter. (arrive)
3.  Most modern buildings has underground                lots. (park)
4.  I went to the              store to buy something. (grocer)
5.  There is no water left in the             well. (near)
6.  He is now studying in the USA as an                     student. (change)

7.  They have a good                of stamps. (collect)
8.  Goods are                    as long as they are returned in good condition. (change)
9.    The party                      twenty bottles from various parts of the house yesterday. (collect)
10.  When did you start                    antique glass? (collect)
11.  We like their                    . (FRIENDLY).
12.  They really don't like talking to him because he is quite                      (friend)
13. She is one of the best                 ,who has been working so hard  (nominate)
14.  There will be a                   in this street. (meet)
15.  We saw                   girls there. (beauty)
16.  The garden is                         with trees and flowers. (beauty)
17.  They enjoy the                       atmosphere here. (peace)
18.  The                         unit of currency is the Ringgit. (Malaysia)
19.  In                      , there are other religions. (add)
20.  The                    anthem of Vietnam is sung. (nation)
21.  There is an                      match between Vietnam and Lebanon on VTV3. (nation)
22.  The language of                is Bahasa Malaysia. (instruct)
23.  Ao Dai is the                      dress of Vietnamese women. (tradition)
24.                       , Ao Dai is worn by women. (tradition)
25.  To Huu is a famous                 (poetry). His poems are interesting.
26.  Ao Dai is always                       . (fashion)
27.  Jeans are                      made from cotton. (complete)
28.  The                      from Genoa enjoyed wearing jeans. (work)
29.                        of clothes always goes up. (sell)
30.  At the                    to the village, we saw the accident. (enter)
31.  They had an                    day by the river. (enjoy)
32.  They are                 -qualified teachers. (good)
33.  We need further                       . (inform)
34.  This book is very                       . (inform)
35.  Look at the                          . Rain Bi looks handsome. (advertise)
36.  It is an                          program. (interest)

37.  The song is                          to me. (interest)
38.  We felt                       in the show. (interest)
39.  English is his                   . (nation)
40.  It is cheap. It’s                 . (expensive)
41.                         TV is available now. (interact)
42.  The                    between this computer and the others is good. (interact)
43.  The                     of TV is always fast. (develop)
44.  Libraries are helpful in                      children’s love for books. (develop)
45.  The Internet has                      developed nowadays. (increase)
46.  The Internet is one of the most important                   of our life. (invent)
47.  Everyone has their                          which are hardly recognized by themselves. (limit)
48.  The website is not used for teenagers. It’s                   . (use)
49.  Their                    is always good. (communicate)
50.  She is a                            girl. (communicate)
51.  Listen                    please. (care)
52.  We’re                      that our environment is spoiled. (disappoint)
53.  Our boys play                       today. (disappoint)
54.  We’re worried about the                    here. (pollute)
55.  This river is extremely                    . (pollute)
56.  A                       faucet may waste 500 liters of water a month. (drip)
57.  Her appearance for a meeting is                    today. (need)
58.  Farm                are always exported. (produce)
59.  This plant’s                    is high, so it attracts a lot of investment. (produce)
60.  The                         of this machine requires the latest techniques. (produce)
61.  This energy-                bulb is not cheap. (save)
62.  The                      are requiring us to repair the machines. (consume)
63.  Watching Korean films on TV is a time-                   activity. (consume)
64.  Water                 is increasing this summer. (consume)
65.  The                      of the model attracts us. (efficient)
66.  They are working                       , so we are satisfactory. (effect / satisfy)
67.  Life always needs a lot of                    . (innovate)

68.  The                   are cleaning the beach. (conserve)
69.                 , our environment must be protected. (ultimate)
70.  Tet is the most important                    in Vietnam. (celebrate)
71.  Fruits’ festival in Suoi Tien Park is a very joyful activity. (joy)
72.  Look at the                   bulbs. They are so beautiful. (color)
73.  My                         are so strong that the word “love” can’t describe them. (feel)
74.  The volcanic                      caused a lot of bad effects. (erupt)
75.   Our                      have not warned our fishermen about the Changchun typhoon carefully. (science)
76.  A                      eruption occurred here last night. (disaster)
77.  The beach is full of all kinds of                    . (pollute)
78.  He used all his                       to force the door open. (STRONG)
79.  The police are interested in the sudden                    of the valuable painting. APPEAR
80.  My teacher                      me to take this examination. COURAGE
81.  Recently health foods have increased in                      . POPULAR
82.  The old lady hid all her                   under her bed. SAVE
83.   Your money will be refunded if the goods are not to your complete                     SATISFY
84.  The council has promised to deal with the problem of                 among youngpeople. EMPLOY
85.  Tung had eaten so much, so he had to                         his belt. LOOSE
86.  The dictionaries are with the other                      books. REFER
87.  He was very                      of the work he had done. PRIDE
88.  There is a                    of 10% in the amount of money available for buying newbooks. REDUCE
89.  He is interested in the                      old buildings. PRESERVE
90.  Saucepans are sold in the                       goods department. HOUSE
91.  ‘Friends of the Earth’ is concerned  about the                   of the natural environment. CONSERVE
92.  Thousands of people have been made                         by the war. HOME
93.  He wouldn’t listen to her repeated                   , so in the end she went. REFUSE

94.  The teacher gave his students                         to leave the classroom. PERMIT
95.   They  said  ‘good  bye’  to  each  other  just  because  of some minor                        UNDERSTAND
96.  He is old. He’s getting forgetful, and his                            often makes a lot of trouble. FORGET
97.  This table may break under a lot of                       . PRESS
98.  Dr. Jones is a well known                 . He has written several novels, one of whichwas about the historical meeting between the great leaders at Yalta in 1945. HISTORY
99.  The car is a complete write off. It is quite                      . REPAIR
100.  The Saigon Giai Phong is a                         newspaper. DAY
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