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Senior Living Home Creates “Hug Tunnel”.

We can’t help what goes on in the world, at least not right now with the Coronavirus. We can wear gloves and masks, sure. We can even choose to stay home, or if we go out, to remain six feet apart from other people we aren’t quarantined with. But, generally, we can’t make the issue magically go away. It’s something we have to adapt to and learn to handle in a healthy manner.
A Brazilian senior home is definitely adapting well amid the outbreak of COVID-19 when they recently came up with a unique “hug tunnel” to allow their senior residents to still touch and hug visitors.
The idea and implementation of the tunnel came about in response to the residents’ dire need to interact with their loved ones who they would otherwise not be able to be visited by during the outbreak due to safety precautions.
“We noticed that our senior residents were feeling sad,” Rubia Santos, the care home’s administrator said. “We thought they would be much happier if we found a way for them to hug their relatives.”
And, well, they found a way!
With the tunnel creating a plastic barrier between direct contact from the seniors and their visitors, everyone can remain safe from potentially contracting the virus during any physical interactions. Armholes within the tunnel give seniors and visitors the ability to fully grasp one another. Even shorter visitors/residents and those in wheelchairs can use the tunnel as there are armholes at three different heights.
And better yet, the residents of the senior home don’t have to worry about being lonely any longer. Many senior residents at homes such as this one already deal with daily loneliness and even more now with the Coronavirus. But thanks to this particular nursing home, seniors have a new and improved way to get the interaction they need from the people who mean the most to them.
“It is so gratifying to see them hugging each other and so important.”
I definitely agree with that statement. No matter one’s age, the sensation of being touched by other people is necessary in my eyes. We’re humans: we want to interact physically, and the hug tunnel allows that, even during a pandemic.
You can view images of the hug tunnel below. Make sure to share this article on social media to inspire other nursing homes around the world to consider offering a solution like this one. A simple touch can mean so much!
* New Words:
- dire (adj): serious
- in response to: a reaction to
- Senior living homes: housing designed for the seniors 55 or older to live in
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