Nicky Henson Obituary.

Dashing actor who brought energy and verve to his many film, stage and TV roles over five decades.

Tough and tender marked the acting style of Nicky Henson, who has died after a long illness aged 74. Energetic and ebullient were other critical adjectives flying around a career of more than five decades in revue, musicals, with the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, and on television (Fawlty Towers and EastEnders) and in films by Roy Boulting (There’s A Girl in My Soup, 1970), Mike Leigh (Vera Drake, 2004) and George Clooney (Syriana, 2005).

The range and variety of his work was astonishing, and seems even more so after taking into account the cancer and serial medical procedures he endured over the last 20 years of his life. But he was like Bobby Vee’s rubber ball that came bouncing back all the time.
It was the director Frank Dunlop who really unleashed his talent when he founded the Young Vic in 1970 and picked Henson as a cornerstone actor – alongside Jim Dale, Denise Coffey and Gary Bond – in a project revitalizing classics for a new audience.
He made his West End debut in a revue, All Square (1963), at the Vaudeville, with Beryl Reid, Naunton Wayne and Julian Holloway, after Beyond the Fringe had changed the face of the genre.
* New Words:

- a dashing actor (n): an attractive and romantic actor.
- obituary (n) /oʊˈbɪtʃ a report of someone's death and details about their life.
- verve (n) /vɜːrv/: great energy and enthusiasm.
- ebullient (adj) /ɪˈbʊliənt/: positive and energetic
==> ebullience (n) 
- in revue /rɪˈvjuː/a show in a theatre, with songs, dances, jokes, short plays, etc., often about recent events
- more so (adv): to a greater extent.
e..g : i was very happy to have received a gift from Santa Claus, but my younger sister was more so.
- take something into account (v): to consider
- a cornerstone (n) /ˈkɔːnəstəʊn/: something/ somebody is so important that the other things or people are dependent on.
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