Get Ready for Bed!

- read somebody bedtime stories (n): time when you get to bed and you are told stories to fall asleep easily.
e.g.: My mom would read me a bedtime story like a mermaid loving a Prince. 
- floss one's teeth (v): use a dental thin thread to remove the "leftovers" from your teeth.
e.g.: we have to floss our teeth before bedtime.
- ritual (n - adj) /ˈrɪtʃʊəl/ : something that has regularly been done in the same way or activities you have to do regularly in the order or in the same way.
e.g.: Her morning rituals are having a cup of coffee with sugar free, thumbing through her favorite magazine and talking on the phone with her son in Florida.
- be beat (v): exhausted, very tired.
e.g.: after a hard-working day, i was beat and wanted to get to bed.
- get undressed (v): take off clothes.
- a hamper (n): a container is used for putting dirty clothes in, a big basket for carrying food in.
- to hamper (v) /ˈhampə/: to prevent somebody doing something, interfere somebody.
e.g.: - I don't understand why my co-workers are always hampering my upcoming project.
        - Their intention of buying a flat was hampered by a lack of money.
- pull back (v): fold back, not to do something that you intended.
e.g.: - she said she would help me but she pulled back in the end.
        - She pulled back the curtain to see who was knocking the front door.
- fluff (v) /flʌf/: to shake something to make it bigger or softer.
e.g.: She always fluffs her pillows before bedtime.
- kiss somebody goodnight (v): kiss somebody and then say goodnight to him/her.
- nod off (v) /nɒd/: start to sleep. (often you don't want to).
e.g.: Almost all students nodded off during the course of psychology.
- be fast asleep (v): quickly fall asleep and sleep soundly.

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