ESLPOD 57n: A Camping Trip.


* Vocabulary:
- gripe (v)/ɡrʌɪp/: complain something with negative comments.
- feel cooped up (exp) /kuːpt/: feel as if you were in a cage and needed to be free now.
- a chicken coop (n): a cage for chicken.
- give somebody a break (exp): stop criticizing somebody.
e.g.: oh Mom, give me a break. I just got home around 5 mins late.
- give somebody a break from traffic...(exp in the context): help somebody avoid traffic or smog from the city.
e.g.: we always feel cooped up in a city, so we have decided to have a motorbike trip which gives us a break from noise, smog and traffic.
- gear (n) /ɡɪə/ : equipment or clothes for a particular activity.
e.g.: we are going to hit the road for some camping gear.
- in one stop (exp): you can find anything you want in one place, not need to get around some other places.
e.g.: if you would like to buy some sweaters, you can drop by our night market in one stop.
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