ESLPOD 38N: BBQ Dinner.


* Vocabulary:
e.g.: She is going to invite some buddies over for her son’s birthday party.
- Housewarming (party): a party for a new house.
e.g.: my old friend invites me over for his next week’s housewarming party, but I think it will be low-key because there are no many comers, but me and the landlord.
- counter (n): a place selling something, a section in a bank, shop or hospital at which customers are served or instructed.
e.g.: I indulge in chicken drumsticks, so I always get in and out of the chicken counter when I get to the market.
- a vegan (n): a strict vegetarian who only eats veg.
- go off without a hitch (idiom): something is done successfully.
e.g.: Her presentation went off without a hitch.

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