ESLPOD 26n: Do Daily Errands.

* Vocabulary:
- roll out of bed (exp) =  get out of bed.
e.g.: she rolled out around 9 a.m. then skipped breakfast for school.
- jump in the shower (exp): rush to bathroom to take a shower.
e.g.: she realized that she'd overslept, so she jumped in the shower to take her son home.
- go over something (v): look at something.
e.g.: we need to go over some pages for tomorrow's quiz.
- be off to somewhere = head for somewhere.
e.g.: she is off to work.
- procrastinate (v) /prə(ʊ)ˈkrastɪneɪt/: to delay doing something which should have been done.
e.g.: she procrastinated to take her child to extra class.
- get down to business (idiom): begin to do something seriously because you have no time to beat around the bush.
e.g.: i would like her to get down to business because i need to rush to airport now.
- get in and out of somewhere (exp): get there to do something then leave quickly.

e.g.: Mary got in and out of a boutique to buy some clothes less than 5 mins.
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