Food Idioms.

I am trying to upload as many English videos as possible, and the first series of videos are about Food, which covers some common slangs, idioms and lots of must "polished-off" expressions as well. Good luck. :) 

  1. Food Intro:

  • Grabbing a quick bite:

  •  I can't live without:
  • Eating out:
  • Eating in:
  • Get your five-a-day:
  • Have a fry-up:

  • I couldn't bring myself to try it:
  • Eat something dodgy:
  • Fad diets:
  • Check the label:
  • Conclusion:
Hope you guys enjoy Food series and feel free to drop me some lines below to make it a better place to share and improve English "proficiency". (y).

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