ESLPOD_44N: Preparing for an Interview.

* Vocab:
- satellite offices (n): branches of a corporation.
- something is the right fit (idiom): good match for a person.
** Notes (but sometimes they are exchangeable):

  • - something is a good fit: used for talking about clothing.
  • - something is the right fit: used for talking about jobs, or some situations

- cocky /ˈkɒki/ (adj): too much confident about oneself who often brags about themselves.
- meek (adj): doing what you are told to without expressing your opinion.
- make things up (v): tell a lie.
- walk all over somebody (v): not considering one's needs by having treated them badly.
- team player (n): a person is considered as a member of a team (in work).
- grab the limelight (exp): try to get one's attention.
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