ESLPOD_43N: A Job Interview.

- land a job (v): get a job
- back and forth (exp): change one's mind due to their uncertainty.
e.g.: she went back and forth about her decision.
- major in a subject (v):
- minor in a subject (v):
- soul searching (n): thinking deeply about one's decision.
e.g.: she did lots of should searching for her future.
- cast a wide net for something (idiom): look in different places for the better opportunity or look for the good candidates for a particular position.
- a public sector (n): economy of a country is under controlled by the government.
- a private sector (n): economy of a country is not under controlled by the government.
- shoot a little lower (idiom): be less ambitious.
e.g.: she often hopes to be the best student in her class but i think she'd better shoot a little lower because he is not good at maths.
- picky (adj): choose only the best thing we want.
e.g.: Mary's mom is quite picky about whom she is going to hire to work for her.
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