ESLPOD 41n: A Tough Negotiation.


* Vocab:
- I am not what you would call: used to say in a humble way.
e.g.: I am not what you would call the best student.
- be committed to doing something or commit to do something: keep your promise or agreement
- a studio apartment: just one room apartment.
- rent something to someone: let someone rent something.
- give somebody a break on rent/ price: reduce the price.
- what sort of...?: be more specifically, give more info about something.
- in exchange for somebody doing something: give each other something.
- win-win (adj): both get benefits from something.
- give somebody a cut in/on rent/ price = give somebody a break on rent/ price.
- take it or leave it (v): buy it or refuse it.
- drive a hard bargain (v): negotiate so that somebody can agree on the best price.
- sign on the dotted line (idiom): sign a document to show that you have agreed to buy or do something.
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