Election Disasters from Brexit Voters.

Emily Thornberry furiously denies branding northern Brexit voters 'stupid' and 'consults lawyers' after ousted Caroline Flint accuses her of the slur in extraordinary spat as Labour infighting hots up in the wake of election disaster

           Emily Thornberry angrily denied accusations she branded northern Brexit voters 'stupid' today as Labour tore itself to pieces over the election disaster.  
As the battle for the soul of the party turned nasty, Mrs Thornberry is understood to be consulting lawyers after ex-minister Caroline Flint claimed she made the dismissive jibe to a colleague.
The bitter spat came as senior figures raged that Jeremy Corbyn is 'in denial' for arguing that his hard-Left platform was not to blame for Labour's worst performance since the 1930s.
Instead he said media attacks and Brexit were responsible for the rout and 80-strong Tory majority.
In a brutal verdict on her former colleagues this morning, Ms Flint - who was ousted from her Don Valley seat - warned that the next leader cannot be 'Corbyn without a beard'
The ex-minister insisted no-one who had a hand in the muddled Brexit policy, which called for a renengotation followed by a second referendum in which Mr Corbyn would stay neutral, should be in the frame to take charge. 
Naming shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer and Mrs Thornberry, who both represent Remain-backing central London seats, she said: 'Keir Starmer led us to a policy that didn't listen to Leave voices who urged caution.
* New Words:
- furious (adj): very angry.
- to brand somebody (v): to judge someone (often in a negative meaning).
- to oust (v): to force somebody to leave their position.
- slur (n) (v): harmful criticism to someone's reputation.
- infighting (n): competition between two people or a group so as to improve their position.
- in the wake of (idm): aftermath.
- gibe = jibe (n): a remark aiming to a person and to make him or her feel ashamed of their mistakes or look stupid.
- dismissive (adj) + of: someone or something that is not worth considering.
- referendum (n): a general vote.

* Structure:
               Stay + Adjective: keep something unchanged

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