Miracle from Honey,


I’ve recently considered taking up beekeeping, and after watching this video, I’m much more inclined to start. I already knew that honey is pretty amazing. First of all, it tastes good on so many things. It’s yummy dribbled on toast of biscuits and delicious when added to a warm cup of tea. In many recipes, it’s a fantastic and low-calorie sugar replacement. And as an added bonus, honey is a much safer alternative to white, processed sugars. If you’re considering using chemical sugar replacements, honey is definitely a much better option.
Honey is pretty much magical bee juice. That’s probably not the ‘technical’ or ‘medically correct’ description of the tasty, golden, viscous liquid, but it’s still pretty accurate. Consider the complicated process that goes into producing even a small amount of honey. Foraging worker bees will venture out into the world collecting nectar from certain types of flowers.
These tiny insects will venture up to four miles beyond their hive just for a small amount of nectar. The worker bees fly home and deposit the nectar in the hive, into honeycomb that they have built themselves. Then, the bees actually fan the nectar with their wings, reducing the moisture content and thickening the nectar. After that, they will cap the individual cells of the honeycomb using wax. This is when the nectar becomes honey!
In the wild, the honey actually serves as food for the entire bee colony. But, as humans, we use it for many different purposes. Almost unbelievably, a spoonful of honey added to a glass of lukewarm water each day has some surprising health benefits. It’s also natural and happen to taste really good. Honey helps lose weight by reducing sugar cravings and assists in maintaining a healthy digestive system. In particular, I was most shocked to find that honey could boost my immune system and local honey from a certain area could help reduce any allergies I have when visiting a new place. These are just a few of the benefits of drinking honey water. Check out the video for more!

-       A tablespoon of something: a large spoon for serving food:  
-       Be much more inclined to do something (v): make someone tend to do something:
-       Viscous /ˈvɪskəs/ (a): thick and sticky:
-       Venture + prep(v): risk doing something:
-       Collect nectar from: bring sweet liquid from flowers together.
-       Nectar (fig.) (adj): very good.
-       Moisture content (n): the level of moisture in something:
-       Serve as (v): be suitable for a particular purpose.
-       Lukewarm (adj): slightly warm, not enthusiastic
e.g.: he gave us a lukewarm response.

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